Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's in for this hobby anyway?

Today, DC23 added this post that got me intrigued. This post hit me in more ways than one. In this hobby, you probably get your fair share of criticisms and praises. I take every comment seriously no matter how much I disagree with them. I think that is the only way to progress. But I always tell myself, irregardless of what comments people made, it is more important that I must satisfy myself first rather than meet other peoples' expectations. 

Over the years I have been treated to fantastic works from DC23, FichtenFoo, Zluca, Matt Tomczek and many  good modelers. Although their works are very different in execution and presentation, they all have (in my opinion) three things in common, namely STYLE, FLAIR and most importantly, PASSION.  It could be a heavily weathered mecha or a clean look Gundam or something totally unexpected,  they all have their signatures written all over. Hence, style and flair is what I prefer. 

While a good presentation is necessary to accompany the model kit, I always stressed that one should get the basics right first. Yes, you can come up with the best concept, large scale base, fantastic pose, story, plot and more. But if I spot your seam lines or some elementary mistakes, you are out, period (Ok, I am guilty of that  sometimes LOL). 

Not long ago, DC23 suggested we have a build-off since we are planning to build the same kit, master grade The-O. I resisted initially because he wanted to build The O II Hauer which is totally out of my league! I love my mecha clean and modified, DC23 likes his bulked up and weathered. However, I gave it some thought and suggested to him it would be better that each of us come out with our own interpretations of the O (My weathering sucks). Now, we have a clash of styles and execution which makes an interesting watch. No doubt there will be two different camps at "war", weathered vs clean. But I think it is beneficial for younger/ new modelers when DC23 and Toymaker "crossed swords". I am pretty sure we all will learn something from this. 

And a final note. The best reward I get out of this hobby is not the recognition or awards but the friends (local and overseas) I made along the way. That to me is the best reward any hobby can offer. 


Thanks a ton for the compliment bro! I must say that I am no way in the league with you and the other guys you mentioned.

I wanted our versus for the primary reason that I will really try my best this time and will be ultra inspired doing the face-off bro.

And I totally agree that the greatest reward of this hobby is the friends you get along the way ( local and overseas ).

Keep the passion bro! Good day! :)

@toymaker and @DC
both of you are great..
all of your works are reward to our eyes.. ahahahha

Agree with ferry.

You guys inspired me to start modding my kits, even though I (most likely) won't be able to afford doing it all the time as a student. I believe all these small steps count to something though. Maybe 5 years down the road, I could be good at it too = D Though I must say I'm more inclined to the "clean" camp XD (although weathered looks good too)

The O competition! Awesome, can't wait to see you twos take on The O. I really enjoyed that kit minus the 5 thousand drilled holes I decided to do. you both have been inspirations to me. I look forward to seeing the skills employed here with two different styles employed.

can't wait to see your updates at MAC or Zero-G sir kenny! always a pleasure to see your builds since i take inspiration from your clean finishes which i also like. good luck and more power!

Totaly agree with you Toy. The best reward are the people I have met all around the world. It's always cool to complete a project and get feedback. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I finish a project and that project inspires someone or the like it. Ultimately I am the one that will have to look at on my shelf so as long as I am happy with the final product that's all that matters.

I never imagined I would have a chance to get to know so many people around the world with the same passion for Gunpla as I do. My passion does waiver depending on what's going on in my life buts it's always there. If I am not building I am always on the forums and boards checking things out. One thing I look forward to everyday is seeing what's being worked and seeing what's been finished. I get so much insperation from all the great modelers. The best ones in my opinion are Zluca, Mtomczek, Fithcenfoo, Donc, and your self. It was your "Trinity" buld that inspired my Blue Sinanju which I think is my best work yet and it seems to have strike a chord with everyone around the world. That is such a great feeling.

I get all sorts of comments from my family members, mainly my wife, on how "silly" my hobbies are. I just tell her that she married a kid and that this kid will never grow up. I will be on my death bed playing with Legos, and Gundam or one of my Transfomers. It's a major part of who I am. My wife says that all my international friends and me are nothing but "boys playing with expensive toys" To that I ask her if she rather I go out drinking and to strip clubs. That usually gets her to be quiet. LOL

Anyway, as long as you enjoy the hobby and can take critism with a grain of salt, thats all that matters. Everyone has there opinions but in the end it yourself you have to please.

Thats my 2 cents.


Matt Mrozek
a.k.a mvm3897

Thank to all of you for your kind comments and encouragements.

Matt- Well said and you are so right man!I even joked with my wife to have my coffin shaped like RX-78 shield! LOL....

Let continue at what we do best! Long live Gunpla!

Would you mind if I place the link of your website on my blog?

Hey Toy,

I would be to do so. I just have a youtube channel here is the link

Thanks for all of your great and inspiring work.

RX-78 Shield couffin.. HMMMMMM!!! Great idea. Thought I would prefer a Sinanju Shield coffin. HAHAHA!!!!!

a.k.a mvm3897

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