Monday, February 14, 2011

Bearguy Groupbuild gathering 13 Feb 2011

Last Sunday, Hobby Art Gallery (HAG) organised a mini gathering for its second Group Build.  About a month ago, I was hanging out in the shop when I noticed these 1/144 Bearguys flying off the shelf like hotcakes. I saw one customer buying three boxes at one go. That was when it struck me that we should have a group build. Sam immediately liked the idea and it didn't take long for it to gather momentum. We got the guys to rope in and all of them were eager to start! However, it was out of stock so we had to wait. 

Well the criteria for the build was simple, Creativity with no focus on quality. You can do whatever you want and with any media you like. The aim of this build is to just to have fun and reignite the fire of those who stopped modeling. 

Well frankly, I thought most of the guys will not be able to finish this and you could imagine my surprise when all turned up with their own bear! Even those who could not make it, left their works at HAG before the meet. 

 All started to gather around 4pm. A good time to do some catching up with old pals, chit chat and gossip.
 We set up a table outside to display all the works. 

Here are the entries.... 

Modeler: Peter Ng (OOB?) 

I thought it was OOB when he brought it out and I was stumped (like the rest of us) when he removed the head to reveal a figure beneath! This is very creative thinking in my opinion. 

Modeler: Sam Lim (Fortune Bear) 

What can I say, a new year theme Bearguy! How appropriate! 

Modeler: Yihui (Ironbear) 

Superb metallic finishing and one of our Super Heroes themed bears. 

Modeler: Yihui (War Machine Bear) 

And one is not enough must do two.... 

 Modeler: Kenny (Omegabear) 

Enough said... 

 Modeler: Dave (Johnny Rider Custom) 

 Modeler: Watanmee (Ver. Captain America) 

I like this one pretty much. Nicely done. But," Give the Bear his shield!"

 Modeler: Malcolm (Rilakkuma Bear) 

LOL This one is really funny. 

 Modeler: Andy (Gatobear) 

 Modeler: Gareth (XP-4B Night-Ops Bearguy) 

Yup, night-ops bear complete with night vision goggles LOL. 

Modeler: Soo Hiong (Fate-Chan bear) 

Looks a bit disturbing.... 

Modeler: Erik (Panda in space suit bear) 

 Modeler: Kai Seng (Chocolate Bearguy) 

The kids' favourite. I was wondering will Cadbury collaborate with Bandai to produce a new line of diary products? 

Modeler: Simon 

Obviously, a Manchester United supporter. 

 Modeler: Unknown. 

A case of "at the wrong place and at wrong time" 
As you can see, Omegabear does not like uninvited guests.

 A group photo shoot. 

I declared this group build as a success and thanks to Sam, Erik, Simon, Soo Hiong, Andy, Peter, Jeff, Yihui, Malcolm, Gareth (G-Man), Wantanmee, Dave, Kai Seng and those who were there. And special thanks to Joyce and Edmund for sponsoring the prizes. 

We have achieved our objectives for this build. Ideas and tips were shared. Personally, I felt that all of the participants have that creative spark, just need someone to push the right buttons :). Judging from the interest generated, we are in for more HAG build groups in the future!!!  I'm already hearing groans in the background LOL... 


Shield on the way! great group build, too bad i can't be there~

great group build, beargguy is really with lot of possible! great effort for everyone!

Wow, those Beargguys are awesome! Man,I really feel like doing one of my own now!

Wonderfully creative and great paint works! Hope to see more of such group built.

Very inspiring man, seeing you guys get together and do things you love, and all very creative works :D!

@wantanmee - Next time you must come bro! Waiting for your shield.

@crimsondramon - Yes, build one man!

@Leon - More will come, that's for sure

@Cheapo - yes that was the purpose of the build. Like minded people gathered to chat and exchange tips

May I know how Fate-Chan Bear got the hair?? Made of epoxy putty? Sorry for noob question


Hi no problem, it's not a noob question because I ask the same question ^.^

It's salvaged from some figure resin I was told.

All of them look so cool, there is almost no limit with this model :P

If iron bear's eye can light up, it would look awesome.

Thanks for the sharing the pictures :D

Your omegabear looks awesome too

Thanks Hiu Fung,

For the Ironman, I let the modeler know he needs LEDs! LOL

ZOMG! EEEEEEEEEP! I can't contain this excitement! Words CANNOT express what I'm feeling now! It's like a volcanic eruption of never-ending squeals and hyper emotions!!!


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