Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An abandoned project

In case some of you might be wondering what you saw on my previous post "Questions to be answered post", I managed to salvage some pictures of a project I abandoned when it was announced that our mid year competition was integrated into Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011. It was supposed to be a GN-X variation. A targeting system attached to its head and equipped with a sniper weapon. But with the O face off with DC23 looming and the competition  integration, I have but  no choice to forgo this one. Well, enough of excuses, here are the only few pictures I found in my camera. Unfortunately, I reformatted my SD card and most of the photos were erased. 

I might revived this one in the future but for now, I have my hands full :) 


Hmmn... A GN-X rigged with parts from Seravee's backpack, along with some armor pieces from some mech that I don't know about yet.

The head sensor made it look like a dog's schnoz, but I suggest a clear piece on the bottom part in front of the GN-X's head.

BTW, the shield setup's quite an overkill already... which for this build might be a good thing...

Conclusion: a GN-X is about to be given the ECOAS Jegan/Jesta treatment...

Nice observation. The head sensor was pretty raw at that stage and I wasn't satisfied with it either. As for the shield, well it's not a shield actually. But two GNX rifle snapped together. Overkill? I'm not entirely sure about that but you are probably right :)

I knew it! Ever Since I saw this I knew this GN-X was going to blow me away! and it did! I hope you don't stop this project sir! :D


Hey Amir, mine is not that important, you better not stop yours :)

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