Monday, August 1, 2011

Poison Monkeys

Hi guys, I'm proud to announce that I'm now officially a Poison Monkey! You're probably wondering what the %£$* is that....Well, Poison Monkeys is a group of modellers who got together to churn out commissioned works. It's nothing new as I've already been working on commissions for quite some time now, but I always felt that there was a need to provide a proper platform and consolidation of local talent for scale model commissioned works. Hopefully this will also raise general interest in the hobby. 

Okay, the interesting part - WHY the name 'Poison Monkeys'? It started with 'G-Lab', but then we felt that it was too technical. There're already HK-based companies like G-System, G-Temple etc. Enough 'G's! Plus, thanks to gmail (another 'G'!), we realised you can't really form a distinct email add with that name. And it was too short. Gmail refused to accept it - Nah....We wanted something that even non-Gundam folks can remember....Something that sticks. So we played around with some ideas, a few of which I'm glad never made it - like 'Toys Boys'! - and  finally came up with 'Poison Monkeys'. 'Poison' cos in case you didn't know, lacquer paints are toxic, and so is everything else you breathe in from your WIPs. But 'Poison' also had a cool ring to it, if you guys know what I mean. 'Monkeys'...well, we are a bunch of crazy people monkeying around with plastic. So there you have it! 

We've consolidated some of our works, which includes mine and frequent guest modeller on this blog, Leon Ku's (also a fellow member), on our FB page. Please do check it out



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