Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newcomer - Waylander


Just a short introduction on this new guy on the block, name's Waylander and an avid Gundam fan. Seeing that we have a lot in common, I shared with him some tricks of my trade and I am seeing results. Got him the Best New Comer award at BAKWC last year and he has been working real hard ever since. I have been encouraging him to start a blog even though he said there are not much to show. To me, a blog is like your online diary that records what you do since day 1 to now. I have been blogging about my hobby for five years now and looking at my first post was nostalgic or corny LOL.. 

In the end, he relented and set up WAYLANDER. Still at its infancy stage, but I assure you guys this blog will be the one to watch for in the near future.

keep it up, Waylander.  


Thx for the heads up! definitly going in to my blog roll

gotta agree that blog is in fact a diary, sometimes it is good to look back at our previous works and posts, see how much chnaged during years :D

Hey thanks man for the support. Rock on!

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