Sunday, August 21, 2011

Delta Plus (First Look)

Spent the weekend assembling and sanding Delta Plus. I fiddled with it for awhile and so far, I am impressed. The design is slick and details are pretty good too. I especially like the head. Like the other transformable Gundams like Zeta Gundam and Zeta Plus, there is an issue about stability. This is due to the folding mechanism at the hips that allows transformation. Hence, it tends to wobble at that point. Other than that, this kit is a must buy to me. 

Complex design for the hip armors but it does look a bit bare to me. 

 You need to get used to the transforming process. It seems daunting at first but will be a breeze after a few tries. If you are painting it, I suggest you don't even attempt to transform it unless you like your kit weathering with paint chipping. Phew.... 

Overall, I like this kit very much and will probably buy another one for the Waverider mode. 
After some considerations, I have decided to give this one some variations of metal colours, primarily silver. Stay tuned. 


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