Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This month...

You know, when I was younger, I used to dread the seventh month which is also known to many as the Ghost Festival. This festival is celebrated by all Chinese in many countries. It is widely believed that ghosts and spirits are allowed to roam freely for this month. The deceased will visit the living. During this month, Hell money and food among other stuff were offered to these wandering spirits. Chinese operas and "Getais" (like a concert) will be performed to entertain these spirits. Chinese temples will be abuzz with activities. 

I could still remember my mum would diligently preparing the offerings before the festival and gave my a lecture on what not to do during this month. Things like stepping on offering on pavements, spitting, swearing is a no-go. The list goes on. To me, this month means I had to be extra careful when I am out. The usual route you take going home suddenly looked sinister. Shadows start  to play tricks on your eyes. It's like the situation is constantly tingling with anticipation and adventure. Yup that's me when I was very young. And with incense and joss paper burning, the whole neighborhood looks gloomy and eerie (fun). 

Fast forward 15 years to today, things have changed. Our society becomes more affluent and such customs  are not practiced anymore. Burning joss paper and other related customs are frown upon. 

You know, I really miss those days. Where my mum will be on "high alert" and constantly fussing over my nonchalant attitude. Yes I enjoyed the attention :) 

It saddens me that She is not with me anymore. I really miss her. Crazy as it sounds, but if this is the month she can visit me, I sincerely hope she does. I wish that I can see her again. Four years since she passed on, and there is not a single day I am not thinking of her, tears are meaningless to me now. If you ask me, I would probably do anything just to see her one more time. 

Meeting a ghost? Nothing much to worry really. After all, the living can cause more harm than the dead... .



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