Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Delta Plus - Internal frame painted!

Finished painting the internal frame last night. Progress is a bit slow because I am down with flu since Sunday. The medication says "May cause drowsiness, do not operate machinery" lol... 

Anyway, I did not prime but applied gloss black on bare plastic. Then I use Gaiacolour 020 Gunmetal on it.

I will work on the rest of the parts with the selection of metallic colours below. Hopefully I can last before the medication kicks in...


this looks interesting ..i've been thinking to get this and repaint it Zeta color

That's a good idea. I'm seeing a lot of variations coming! XD

Nice gloss..

do you paint the inner frame by pieces then assemble it , or its already assembled yet you paint it ?

I assembled them by parts, limbs, torso etc. Then I paint them.

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