Sunday, November 25, 2012

Combined Work-In-Progress photos for Odin

For those of you who follow this blog, you guys know that I seldom document my WIPs. The same goes with my Odin. Well, I spent some time consolidating all the random photos I took and will repost all of then here in random order. To those who have requested for WIP photos, hopefully these photos will suffice your requirements :) 




Awesome, thanks for sharing! Very unconventional design but I really like it.

Woah, Amazing work! Thank you so much for showing your progress shots, they are really interesting in terms of seeing how other people do builds. Keep up the amazing builds, they look fantastic!

hello, I have another little question ;-), but the arms and hands and legs have self-built? thanks ;-))

Hi Totem, I don't get your question. The arms and hands are actually part of the Perfect Grade Strike Gundam.

Hello, I apologize for my English, thank you for your answer, you know today began the same model, it was just to get some ideas ... I have a perfect grade zaku ... I can re-use .. congratulations again for your work!

No problem at all totem138. And thanks for your kindness.

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