Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One for the lads

Sent down for a second look this evening since I did not have a good look of the other entries since the monster entries are getting the limelight during submission day. After a quick glance, these entries caught my attention. 

This Duel/ Musha Gundam combination is really good. Who would have thought the these two can be blended together and look so nice? I will suggest to this modeler to follow up with Buster and Aegis as well, LOL. 

This is another entry that caught my eye. Splendid paint job, "sensible" and neat detailing. 

The shading on these two is very realistic. Decent ground work but need to work on the tree leaves. 

I love this little fellow. And by the way, there are crew members hiding behind that slip of paper.

I thought this combination and colour scheme if this one is pretty bold. But it suits the theme.


The one with the bike mod is something fresh. Has a robotech feel.

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