Thursday, November 1, 2012

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura - Day 4 (1 November 2012)

Day 4

I did get some decent sleep today. Perhaps I tire myself too much for the past three days. Well, doc came in this morning and said there was a increase of platelet count to 5000 which was pretty insignificant. I told him even if it's only 50 points, I'm already happy. At least it increases. My wife was pretty happy about the news. 

Today, I worked a little longer on the Red Horn. Assembly is definitely more complex and fittings are pretty tight as well. The details are very intricate and complex. I really like what I am seeing so far... 

Today is supposed to be the deadline for the photo submission for GBWC. But Shengtai has kindly extended that. And with this extension, I may have a shot at submitting. But like I mentioned before, winning is secondary to me now. I just want my works to go on display even if it is in Hobby Art Gallery or Hobby Art @ Work. That's good enough for me. And yes, I don't just join to make up the numbers. Every entry I submit must be of the highest quality accordingly to my bench marks. After all, you are your greatest competitor. Other opponents should not distract you from your goals. That's my advice. 

So, I'm now on my bed figuring how much time I have left to work on it. Probably ask my wife to bring everything down so I can assemble and put finishing touches. 

Who knows? You might see this entry in GBWC Singapore! LOL... 


So those two Marasai are The O's minion? If its true, nice idea though! And btw, we, your readers always wish the best for you, both for your work and health.

Yes, that was the original plan. But I think it will be a bit overwhelming. So I'm pondering whether I should unleash the two of them :)

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