Sunday, November 18, 2012

GBWC 2012 Singapore

The last time I saw massive entries for Gundam competition was several years ago. But this year the trend is back! It is safe to say that everyone is cranking it up for the competition. The free trip to Japan for the winner must be pretty enticing. After all  Japan, Diver City, why not give it a shot? 

Back to the main topic, the entries. I was there to submit my entry last evening and took pictures of all the entries that were there. Please accept my advanced apologies if yours are not in them. For starters, this year's entries are pretty good compared to last year. And that pleases me. At least everyone is improving. The layout of the exhibit area is also good with showcases well lit and this makes viewing a pleasure. 

Here are some of the entries,

Impressive trio of Seed mechas.  

Nicely done Banshee with maintenance base. Nice and compact. 

Gundam Heavy Arms with IWSP. 

I like the metallic finishing on this Buster. 

This Zeta also looks good. Would be nice to accompany it with a equally good base though. 

Nice damage/ explosion effects for this Sinanju entry. 

Now , we come to those entries that really caught me eye. 

A wonderfully customized Dra-C. I heard that there is a "hidden" robot on its back which can be detached from the main unit, it would be interesting to see it. 

Next one, a huge entry where the modeler actually scratch built a section of the spaceship Musai. And on top of that, it came complete with lights within and on the exterior of the ship. Amazing stuff if you ask me. 

Next up, one of the two souped up Banshees in this competition. Clever kitbash with Dendrobium parts and the modeler managed to portray the menacing look he probably set out to do. Although (IMHO) more focus should go to the gold Psycho frame to give this kit some contrast. After all, Banshee and Unicorn are unique because of their psycho frames. 

Ha, don't think I need  to introduce this one since it has been going places. Waylander's Morrigan. He achieved the visual impact needed for such an impressive build. The design and layout, to me, is thinking outside the box and giving the audience a fresh perspective of a Mobile Armour. Definitely one of my favourites. 

On a final note, if this trend of mega sized and highly detailed entries is to continue, the next few GBWC will be very very exciting to watch. I think our local lads are on the right track! 

Good work all participants! 


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