Monday, November 26, 2012

Time to move... (and after thoughts?)

With everything done and dusted, I thought it’s time to move on to the next phase. Next year will be a really busy one for me. I am actually looking forward to finish the Zoids Shadow Fox but have to put it on hold since I have two long outstanding commissions to complete. It won’t be nice to let my customers wait for too long.

First off, a Perfect Grade Strike Gundam complete with all three Striker Systems. Although I have the 1/60 scale non grade weapon systems, their details and forms are too crude for a Perfect Grade Gundam. So I need to do an upgrade for the Sword Strike and Launcher Strike sets. It will be a challenge for me indeed. Throw in a mega sized maintenance base and the Aile Grasper, you can imagine this is one huge project.

Found this picture on the net but couldn't trace the source. 
Another amazing work by a Japanese modeler (I assumed) 

Next, a Psycho frame Sinanju FWS. Basically it’s an upgrade to my Sinanju FWS. This will be a challenging build as well since I need to better my own works. This time, there will be more emphasis made on the psycho frame and an upgrade in the arsenal as well. I came across this beautiful SInanju on the web which I believe is one of the entries for GBWC Hong Kong 2012. Very high level detailing and modifications even I cannot match. The modeler got my salute. So I will use this model as reference for this build.

Modeler: Mr Stephen Ho (Hong Kong) 

And now... 

Since GBWC Singapore 2012 has come to a close, I received lots of feedbacks from participants and some viewers. While it is not me to comment on unsavory issues (especially on my blog), I think it is about time I say something. If I need to ruffle a few feathers, so be it.

I don’t think us, as Gunpla modelers are getting the respect we deserve. Last night’s prize presentation was shambolic. From prize presentations, announcements and staging and just about everything, this is probably the worse I ever seen. It would do the organizers some good if they don’t even have one in the first place. The organization was haphazard at best, and non-existent at worst.

These guys should take a good look at Malaysia. Proper staging, prize presentations and everything is well, splendid.

Every modeler and every participant puts in a lot of effort in their entries. Each and every one of them sacrificed time, sleep and maybe much more just to make it for this competition. And the very least they deserve  is some respect. This is evidently lacking.  

We are modelers, not Toy collectors, Toymakers and whatever you call us. If I have to be the voice of discontent, so I guess now is the best time if ever, to do it.'Nuff said.


This is a good feedback and a valid one. If it is to be grand, it should be grand.

I agree that this year presentation is very bad indeed.
I think because knowing that Kawa wont be here, and since they have separate the expo from gbwc, they just give a very simple setup.

Hope they need to show more respect for us modelers from next year onwards

I agree that this year presentation is very bad, from display to the prize giving.

Think its high time they use good lightnings for the kits too like Malaysia!

Maybe because they know that Kawa wont be here.....

It's rather surprising that Bandai messed up for a Gunpla related event. Bandai Singapore's focus has always been on Gunpla, and other Bandai brands that are brought into Singapore (such as Tamashii Nations for example) have been suffering from lack of effort/attention by Bandai. But if they mess up a Gunpla event too... Bandai's management must have problems then.

Nice observation bro! Yeah, this round, I think they messed up. I truly think so.

Modelers from Malaysia had reflected their complains and opinion to the organizer to get more respect! During the old time, we don't even have proper display cabinets to display and protect our kits! Organizer just provided some shelves, which the sides were not covered and you can simply reach the kits. Furthermore, a few years back, the judgement is a crap! Those who send in expensive kits will be the champion, even though nip marks and gaps were detected. We are glad that improvement had been done! Now we have proper display cabinets and a fair yet professional judgement! We are happy with it. =D

Thanks for the cue my friend. If there is a need to address the issues, I think that's the best way to do so.

Ya. I agrees that this time round is the worst and simplest one.As we all knows that we did spend alot of time and effort in making our gundams for the event. Even so i heard contestants complains why there are no souvenir for participant who have taken part in the finals as they too spend time and effort to bring down their kits for display through and flow from everywhere in Singapore.

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