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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The-O (Code name: Odin)


There you have it. Odin is fully done and now I can finally move on. This was meant for GBWC 2011 but due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to pull out at the last stretch. I thought it was a pity to give it all up. On the other hand, this withdrawal had in fact indulged me with the luxury of time. Time to re-modify and re-design Odin. I wasn't really happy about the first version anyway and was determined to give it an overhaul.

previous version 

  Updated Version

Previous version 

For weapons, I always wanted a BFG for Odin. By using both PG Wing Gundam rifles as base, I went on to create a housing for them and added details and miscellaneous parts.  

Next, a blaster seems to be the next natural thing to have. Well nothing a few Kotobukiya weapon sets cannot solve... 

The BFG can be mounted on with forearms. Both the blaster and BFG can also be combined to form a huge weapon system as depicted above. 

Next, we come to the base. As most of you will know by now, I love to do maintenance set-ups. And this time was no exception.  I wanted something more dynamic but I still ended up with a maintenance set-up. However, instead of going for sheer size, I decided to build upwards and make the whole thing look compact. The base itself is approximately 35 cm by 30 cm. 

I achieved the objectives I set for myself earlier. That is to finish Odin and finally close this chapter of my Gunpla journey! It has been a good learning experience and this will serves me well in the future. 

On a final note, I still have two Marasais waiting for me to complete and join their boss on the battlefield!!! 


Hey Toymaker,

The ODIN looks AMAZING..... I love the color scheme. The white/gray works really well with the orange type color. Also I am glad to hear you are well. Big fan your works and always enjoy reading your blogs. You and Waylander are very talented modelers.

Hey Toymaker the ODIN looks Amazing..
Love the color scheme. You and waylander are very talented modelers. I am also glad to hear that you are feeling well. I am big fan of your works and enjoy reading your blogs.

Godlike! just Godlike! Are you still allowed to join contests?

You did great. Damn, i always want to be like you and Waylander, and there're so much thing to learn. Don't give yourself too much pressure, and rest for a while, hoping you make a full recovery soon

Hi, your work is great :D And don't mind i ask you 1 question as i still quite new to modeling, regarding the diroma, is it you make by yourself or buy it? As i wanna to do something like yours but have no idea. haha

I built two at that time. One for the Formania Sazabi and one as spare. So you can say I added more structures to the spare one I made.

hi toymaker, i love this work of yours! the color scheme is my fav, and i intended to try it for my current gunpla project.
i tried to distinguish the grays, but still i can't tell how many tones of gray you have used. it would be helpful if you can name all of them for me :)

DJ, these maintenance dioramas are made using various parts from Bandai, Kotobukiya and other brand.

I used two shades of gray and white. Neutral Gray and white 80-20

Neutral Gray and black 90 -10

i hope you will win man, even i think the banshee FA will took the place. but no one can predict the judge. all the best.

Lol. At this particular point of time, I am extremely pleased with Odin regardless of what people say. I can't please everyone. But i try to please myself instead. It's down to the judges' preferences. But i am not concern about tge results. I'll just come back stronger next year :-)

Its really glad to see your hardwork in the display this year GBWC after so many trials you faced to complete it. -g-

fergernuchlabrazzzt!!! qwadrafbar!! slapoont!! ...sorry i had to make up praise words because there is nothing in the dictionary that can describe this work of art! My cojones are still recovering...

dalkabraaak! munkamoor! sooblaagh! sorry, i had to make up praise words because absolutely nothing in the dictionary can describe this work of art! my cojones are still recovering..

Thanks for all your kind words people! I am truly thankful to all of you!

why?: Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. is a message that appears when I try to look at more photos of the-O? ;-( (

Oh? But the pictures are still there. Why can't you see it?, when i clik here, ;-(

I'm sorry to break but it 's possible to have your pictures via email? I have a similar pattern to start and I would like to take inspiration from your work and that 'really excellent!, thank you. Alex

Hi Totem138, I removed the link because I need to update them with new ones. Try to click on the link tomorrow. I put them back :)

still speechless whenever I see this kit. Congrats on the 2nd place finish, though I was rooting for this to take 1st place.. anyway, i love the color separation on this kit, did you apply any special masking techniques? Also, do you make your own decals? are the colors straight out of the bottle or custom mixes?

Hi Toymaker! Was there at the last day but sadly I wasn't able to stay for the awarding. Amazing work on the Odin... love the details hope to se more PG conversions.

Hi Paulo,

I just use masking tape for the colour separation. Most of the time, I will try to make the parts for easy separation to making painting easier.

I usually get my decals from Samuel Decals based in Hong Kong. Friendly and helpful chap.

Amazing work, all part of an interesting in itself, I have been following the construction of this model extremely time-consuming love the changes you have made, I looked at the model dozens of times and each time I find new detail, my friend you are artist in my opinion you are large to view the Works gallery your modern art, will attempt to source of livelihood for perhaps you will find new capabilities as well as recognizing your art, your work will offer Museum of Science they are very like works of this

Thanks for the generous comments, my friend!

A amazing work! Impressive, great details and a refined hability! Congrat!

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