Friday, November 9, 2012

Gunpla Contest by Gundam Dipendente

Recently, I am got to know Mr Antonio Scasserra, who manage the Italian blog, Gundamdipendent which provides their local community with Gunpla-related news, galleries etc. A very passionate and really friendly fellow! 

Well, this blog is into their second year and they are kicking it off with the second Gunpla Contest. Well,  I think it's a good idea if people can participate in online competitions for the exposure. I used to enter a few of these competitions and made a lot of friends locally and abroad. It is very enriching. Hence, I always encourage everyone to be active in forums, share works, tips and participate. 

Well, here are the information to the contest, gunpla-contest-20-by-gundamdipendente
Take a peep if you have the time guys! :) 


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