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Saturday, March 31, 2007

MS-18E Kampfer [Kanji Custom]

Finally I am able to find some time to do a customized Kampfer for the Krazy Kustom Kampfer Kompetition at FichtenFoo Forum! The name of my creation is "Kanji" which means "blade".

I am thinking of a mecha with mid and close range melee abilities with a weapon that can discharge electromagnetic energy and is attached to a huge blade. And I might throw in a "heat rod" for safe measure. Well I can't really visualise the final product now, I will certainly draw references from Motoo Osumi's works for inspirations....

And to start off, this will be
Phase 1 of the build-up process, modifications to the head.

Separated the sides and back of the head and switch the antenna over to the right side.

Change the polycaps to add more movement to the neck area.

Lengthened the forehead by 1mm to give it a more "aggressive look".

Scribe some panel lines and also added details using pla-plates.

So that is all for now, more to come so watch this space!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Interesting read

Ah Monday! As usual, i picked up a copy of The Straits Times and made myself comfortable at a cafe near my office for breakfast. And i noticed something, an article on modellers in Singapore finally ! It's about time someone writes an article on our fellow modellers and give them the recognition they thoroughly deserved! We have really passionate folks out there!

And I admire the courage of Mr Steven Yap who rents a HDB flat just to contain his stash and also serves as a workshop for other aspiring modellers, so I've heard. I cannot imagine the costs/ overheads involved!

Hopefully, this article can generate more interest among the younger generation, and act as the catalyst in popularizing modeling of all genres in Singapore. I would love to see how it develops from here....

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