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Monday, June 23, 2014

Project Jesta Deepstriker (abandoned)

This will probably go down as one of my most notable abandoned projects. This Jesta project was initially meant for the Poisonmonkeys Jesta Group. But I pushed it to the Mid Year Gundam Model Kit Contest in June instead. Unfortunately, I could not meet the deadline as I totally messed up my schedule (which is typical of me). 

Well, rather than crying over spilled milk, I thought I can share some of my wips and also my thought process with you guys. 

The concept is nothing new of course. I was inspired and impressed by Eday's Project GWEN, that I decide to do one myself, amid lesser details. There is no way I can replicate the details or techniques Eday displayed, so I had to stay true to my style. 

GBWC World Champion 2012

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lego's My Own Creation (MOC) organized by Brick's World

This post is NOT probably what you guys are expecting. But recently I got interested in Lego and a friend of mine Ivan Ho, introduced me into the world of Lego customizing. I always have the impression that Lego is just about bricks and there is nothing much you can do about them unlike Gunpla or Sci Fi. Of course, I was proved to be very very wrong. And it was not long before I find my newfound respect for these "MOC" builders.

Well, Lego Bricks'World, a store with several branches here, organized their first ever MOC competition (if I am not wrong). And I just had to go down to see what our local lads can conjure out of these simplistic looking bricks.

And here we go! 

Firstly, I was surprised. There are a lot of things you can do with Lego! From modular builds using existing Lego building products, you can create your own city/town scenes. Or robot themes where you create your robots from imagination. I even saw  Marvel and  DC inspiring Lego builds! Those are my favorites. So basically, the sky is the limit. Ok, let's jump straight into the photos! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014

The Mid Year competition is here again! Oh, Bandai had renamed it Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014. After skipping one year, they are finally back. And to my pleasant surprise, the turn out was fantastic. I'm seeing a lot more entries compared to the precious events. Obviously Gundam Build Fighters has revived or shall I say rejuvenated this competition. Lots of young blood, a few old farts. And lots of great entries. Here are some of  them...   

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Japan Trip June 2014

So after three years, I'm back in Tokyo. You can say every modeler dreams of going to where it all began.  For Gunpla that is. This time, I wanted to see the legendary RX-78 at Divercity Odaiba which I miss the last trip. And, also to replenish my supplies and look for new tools. 

But most importantly, I get enjoy this trip with my family and close friends. You know, these trip are hard to come by. So I tend to treasure the memories that comes with it. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

SD Neo Zeong - First Look

Just a quick review of the SD Neo Zeong before I head outside. 

One word, CUTE. This could be better than the HG version LOL. It's just too cute to be ignore. So my advice, go grab one now if it's available. 

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