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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Are you at your prime?

Nowadays, it is very rare that I build Gundams straight out of the box with no additional modifications. Most of the time, I would be using materials like pla-plates and other metal components to detail up my kits. So it is essential that I prime my models. 

Well there is no special methods in using primers. Shake for one minute, warm it with hot water if you must and you are all set to go. There are of course some points to note (there is no right or wrong methodology) :- 

  • I prime all the parts including the internals and "those that cannot be seen after snapping on the armors".  It's just a preference on my part. With this I can also achieve evenness of the paint job later.
  • Wear a glove unless you want your boss to know what you do everyday :) 
  • Always hold the primer away from the model, depress as you approach the model, one direction, left to right. Several light coats to prevent flooding the details. 
  • Rotate the model when priming to ensure even coverage.
  • Distance from the part to spray is about 20-30 cm. Too far, you will have a coarse surface and too near, you will "drench" your part. 

The primer actually shrinks as it cures, protecting the details. And at this stage, certain mistakes become more visible. So it good to stop, sand and repair and re-prime again. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the final product. Primers has a curing period of at least 24 hours, so no painting is recommended. Remember this is a make or break stage, so it is better to check the primed model many times before painting. 

For primers, I use Mr Hobby white and grey primers. They come  in aerosol cans or in bottles for airbrushing. I prefer using can sprays as it cut down precious time although coverage could be a issue for some.

I use white primers only when I want my final coat to be bright for example the base coat of the Sinanju I did recently was white. Most of the time, most of the kits, I would be using grey primers. 

Flooding of the part.

 A more even coat

Mr Hobby Mr Base White 1000 - This will give you a pretty thick coat and hence you need some control otherwise excess primer will accumulate at the recesses of the parts. So apply several layers of thin coats with even rotation should do the trick. 

Mr Hobby Mr Surfacer 1200 and 1000 - 1200 is of course finer but less easy to apply for me. 

I tend to use up a lot of primers in one outing. I used up 8 cans for my Sinanju. It is a bit extravagant. I guess I got carried away. But for those who are cost conscious, you can try those bottled primers made for airbrushes. You need to use thinner to thin it before application. It is less costly but I find it a chore to use airbrush and cleaning it later. And you have to clean throughly or you risk damaging your AB permanently. However, one advantage is that it gives you control than spray cans so you don't "flood" your details and can achieve even coverage. 

Well that is about all I know about primers. If you guys got any further inputs. please feel free to comment. I am pretty sure that I am not always right...

One of the readers, Kevin has provided a very useful insight to priming. Now let see... 

"Hey, I notice that you said you stick your spray paint in "hot water". IMO thats not really ideal. Spray cans contain an enormous amount of pressures. Sticking you cans in "hot" boiling water may cause the can to rupture. (aka explode in your face) I know most cans nowadays comes with pressure release "fail-safe mechanics" build into the spray nozzle themselfs before "that" happens but its not something I would personally bet my face/life on.

I'm pretty sure you dont use boiling hot water to warm your cans but you might wanna change "hot" to something like "luke-warm" for those people that don't understand the difference.

My usually advice is to not use water so hot that it causes pain when you touch it. (should be comfortable)"

So guys take note and exercise caution when heating the can. I don't want any black faces on my blog LOL.... 

Gundam Caravan

Hey guys, a little update on the Gundam Caravan organised by HAG this Saturday at SCAPE. As you may have known, HAG will be displaying samples of upcoming kits and taking pre-orders. I think the highlight would be the Master Grade The "O". It's a monster I heard. Well anyway, Joyce has forwarded to me a list of products up for pre-order. These items are scheduled for release in July, August and September 2010:-
  1. Gundam Astraea (HG)
  2. Gunpla Starter Set (HGUC) 
  3. Angelo Sauper's Geara Zulu (HGUC)
  4. V Dash Gundam Ver.Ka (MG) 
  5. V Core Booster Ver.Ka (MG) 
  6. Real Grade RX-78-2 (HG) 
  7. 00 Qan[T]  (HG) 
  8. Gundam Zabanya (HG) 
  9. GM Type C (HGUC) 
  10. Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam (SD) 
  11. The O (MG) 
There also be some goodies to be given for those who pre-order on the day of the event. Each person is entitled to the one set irregardless of how many orders he or she makes. Gifts are sponsored by HAG and Hobby Mate

For every order of two HGs, a goodies bag worth $30.00 of products and 1 movie ticket coupon will be given. For every order of one MG, a goodies bag worth $70.00 of products and 1 movie ticket coupon will be given. 

Latest Update : Bandai will be offering 30 points (Club Gunpla) for any one pre-order of the RG RX-78.     

The coupon can be redeemed for any movie at Cathay Cinemas (Further details will be released on the day of the event). Do note that all these goodies are limited, or you can call it "while stocks last". So guys and gals, get your shopping lists ready..... 

See you guys there!!! 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

聽媽媽的話 (Did you?)

小朋友 你是否有很多問號 為什麼
別人在那看漫畫 我卻在學畫畫 對著鋼琴說話
別人在玩遊戲 我卻靠在牆壁背我的ABC
我說我要一台大大的飛機 我卻得到一台舊舊錄音機
為什麼 要聽媽媽的話 長大後你就會開始懂得這種話
長大後我開始明白 為什麼我跑的比別人快 飛的比別人高
將來大家看的都是我畫的漫畫 大家唱的都是 我寫的歌
媽媽的辛苦 不讓你看見 溫暖的食譜在她心裡面
有空就多多握握她的手 把手牽著一起夢遊
聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她
美麗的白髮 幸福中發芽 天使的魔法 溫暖中慈祥
在你的未來 音樂是你的王牌 拿王牌談個戀愛
唉 我不想把你教壞 還是聽媽媽的話吧 晚點在戀愛吧
我知道你未來的路 當媽比我更清楚
但我建議你最好寫 媽媽我會用功讀書
用功讀書 怎麼會從我嘴巴說出
不想你輸所以要教你 用功讀書
媽媽織給你的毛衣 你要好好收著
因為母親節到時我要告訴她 我還留著
對了 我會遇到了周潤發
所以你可以跟同學炫耀 賭神未來是你爸爸
我找不到童年寫的情書 你寫完不要送人
你會開始喜歡上流行歌 因為張學友開始準備唱吻別
聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她

Why kids don't listen? You and I was one. And we all know better :) Looking back, I realized I was quite a brat. Running away from home, getting into fights and a lot of other "naughty" stuff. I guess we get our thrills by doing all these. Back then, we do not understand there are rules to follow and consequences to bear. But what I did not realized was my actions hurt the people we love most, our parents.

As a parent now, I am beginning to understand how my parents felt, in particularly how my MUM felt. I felt that she was always suffering in silence all the while. If only I was more understanding and caring. At least I can brighten her day a bit.

Well, the chance is gone now. And I am left to rue what I should have done earlier. I will have to carry on with my life knowing that I could have love her more and be there for her more often. If only...  As a dad, I have the duty to take care of my children. But as a Son, I cannot fulfilled my duty in this lifetime. I promise I will make it up to you, but you gotta wait for awhile, mum...



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Youth Parade Cosmo 2010

3 July 2010. Book this date on your calender. There is going to be some youth event going on in Orchard Road. A Mascot Parade held on an annual basis. Some parts of the overview I took from it's website:

More than 18,000 attendees joined in the fun with SHINE Youth Mascot Parade 2009 (SYMP). Showcasing Iconic Characters, Superheroes, Master-Villains across Movies, Games, Anime and Youth Culture, the success of SYMP provides the foundation for the creation of COSMO 2010 – which adds exclusive showcases under the brand.

COSMO 2010, the umbrella brand by Mascot Parade Limited, is the annual Orchard Youth Costume initiative. Youths are encouraged to participate and challenge themselves in this national initiative.
2010 COSMO Logo design centers around a mix of two basic colours, Deep Pink and Bright Blue - the contrast represent the iconic representations of youth insights, interests and passion for their hobbies, combined into one special event. Indeed, COSMO is all set to support the growth of emerging youth trends as the ultimate annual youth event!

The 4 Segments of SHINE Youth Mascot Parade represents emerging youth trends that are found in Singapore & Asia.
The vivid colours of Orange and Blue in our 2009 logo symbolises youth fiery passion and cool determination towards a mega parade event for youth in Asia.

  • The Gaming Segment

  • Computer Games and Electronic Entertainment ranks as one of the top leisure youth activities in Singapore.

  • Expect well known gaming characters like : StarWarsDarth Vader, Super Mario Bros, Harry Potter and other cool franchises will be invited to be part of the Gaming Segment. In addition, Youth CosPlayers can also participate in the parade dressed up as their favorite gaming and manga/comic characters.

  • The Arts and Culture Segment

  • Youth and the Arts defines the local Youth Culture.  Be innovative and create unique costumes from recycled materials. Or showcase your musical talents by participating as part of the Parade musical bands, leading each segments of the parade as we proceed with the parade march in the heart of town.

  • The Environment Segment

  • 1 degree of change can save the world and youth can drive the message for environmental awareness through the parade. Increase awareness for the environment by dresssing up in costumes made of recycled materials!

  • Iconic characters like : the Water Wally, Andes Mosquito, and other such as an anti-smoking mascot will be invited to be part of the Environment Segment. In addition, Youth and organisational representatives can play a role and share on projects to save theenvironment.

  • The Community Segment

  • Highlight your communities in the Mascot Parade Community Segment. If you are from a Sports group or uniform / performance Club or CCA, we want you! Showcase your talents in this segment and wow the audiences with breath-taking coordination of movement and teamwork

    But what I am more interested is that this time Hobby Art Gallery will be taking  part in the event as a strategic partner. The main aim of their participation is to promote Gunpla here and garner interest among the young folks about this hobby.

    Here are some of the plans they have in store for us:

      • 1. Showcase of upcoming Master Grade kits scheduled for release in July, August and September (you guys do the guesswork which MG);

        2.  Pre-Order of these up-coming products over there will be at a special price. And to sweeten the deal, a goodie bag to go with it;

        3. Gundam Caravan - Fellow Gundam Modelers will be at the scene to provide guidance and advice on doing your model. And you can to keep it after that (further details to be released);

        4. Got a problem you can't solve and questions about modeling? Well, there will  be a "Information" counter set up just for this. So bring down the Gundam kit that you may have a problem, the staff will try their best to advice you. 

        5. HAG will also be showcasing works by local modelers too. I am one of the contributors. :) 

        Further details to be released. See you guys on 3 July! I will be there for sure. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010

Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 is currently held at Takashimaya, basement 2. This year the entries seem to be lesser compared to previous years. However , there is an improvement in the overall standard in particularly the presentation. People are paying more attention to this aspect now. 

Before I go on, I want to take this opportunity to thank the organizers for a good job done on the display units. Not only are they spacious and well-lit, it offers a 360 degrees view of the entries. 

OK, here you go... some random pictures I took. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sinanju FWS (Full Weapon System)

With everything done and dusted, I guess it's about time to reveal my latest work, the Master Grade Sinanju (Full Weapons System). When I set out to do this, I foresaw two challenges:-

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