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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gundam Caravan

Hey guys, a little update on the Gundam Caravan organised by HAG this Saturday at SCAPE. As you may have known, HAG will be displaying samples of upcoming kits and taking pre-orders. I think the highlight would be the Master Grade The "O". It's a monster I heard. Well anyway, Joyce has forwarded to me a list of products up for pre-order. These items are scheduled for release in July, August and September 2010:-

  1. Gundam Astraea (HG)
  2. Gunpla Starter Set (HGUC) 
  3. Angelo Sauper's Geara Zulu (HGUC)
  4. V Dash Gundam Ver.Ka (MG) 
  5. V Core Booster Ver.Ka (MG) 
  6. Real Grade RX-78-2 (HG) 
  7. 00 Qan[T]  (HG) 
  8. Gundam Zabanya (HG) 
  9. GM Type C (HGUC) 
  10. Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam (SD) 
  11. The O (MG) 
There also be some goodies to be given for those who pre-order on the day of the event. Each person is entitled to the one set irregardless of how many orders he or she makes. Gifts are sponsored by HAG and Hobby Mate

For every order of two HGs, a goodies bag worth $30.00 of products and 1 movie ticket coupon will be given. For every order of one MG, a goodies bag worth $70.00 of products and 1 movie ticket coupon will be given. 

Latest Update : Bandai will be offering 30 points (Club Gunpla) for any one pre-order of the RG RX-78.     

The coupon can be redeemed for any movie at Cathay Cinemas (Further details will be released on the day of the event). Do note that all these goodies are limited, or you can call it "while stocks last". So guys and gals, get your shopping lists ready..... 

See you guys there!!! 


Well, I have got nothing to preorder from the list, and I have got project presentations next week so I think I will be giving this event a miss. >_<

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