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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nemesis by Jaef Liang (GBWC Singapore 2015)

They say old dogs cannot learn new tricks. But when I see Jaef Liang's GBWC entry this year, I know that statement is not so true afterall. 

When I entered my first competition more than ten years ago Jaef was already a veteran. And after so many years, he is still joining the competition without fail. This guy is like an Energizer Bunny, always ready, always working hard for his "next project". 

 And thanks to him, our Trinity project we made in 2010 was a success.  A teammate pulled out at the eleventh minute and we were left with an uphill task to complete in time. And Jaef came in at a moment's notice, did that Sinanju within 2 months and we manage to participate in the Group Category that year. Not only did we win the local leg, we went on the beat many countries to get our first Group World Champion! It was all thanks to him! 
Trinity by Team HAG in 2010 

Well, back to his current entry. I can't remember the last time I seen one entry that blast the competition away in Singapore. And it finally came this year. I was left searching for my jaw when I saw it for the first time. This monstrosity is like nothing i seen before in my country. It's so outrageous that it like oozing with awesomeness and reeks of arrogance at the same time. It is awe inspiring to say the least. 

You find everything here, kitbashing, scratchbuilding, detailings, modifications, everything is there and so much more. And the purple adds to that killer touch. To build something of this scale and persevere right to the end requires tremendous patience and unyielding willpower. The whole thing is so bad ass I wish I was the one who did it! 

Well, I guess this old dog does have more tricks up his sleeves and I'm sure he planning for next year already :) 






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