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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zaku Warriors WIP [SD]

Well, rather than being demoralized about my situation, I thought I could afford myself some form of a distraction.
And I just can't but helped myself to the three SD Zaku Warriors! Building super-deformed mechas offers me a "break" from all those heavy modding and construction. This will certainly prepared me for one major project I'm planning to do pretty soon!

This time, I'm doing some minor modifications and detailings and most probably, a simple display base.

I begin by hollowing out those vents and replacing them with pla-plates. Added details behind those vents too.

Using the hobby knife, I scrapped at the edges at an angle to make them looked sharper. Drilled out the "camera view" at the back of the head and added some details.

Drilled hole at the eye piece and Kotobukiya parts to create the "eye". Using the clear lenses from WAVE products and stick it to the stock stickers provided.

Sharpen the antenna.

I'm almost done with the heads with some minor touching up to do later.

Right to Left (shoulder joints) Lengthening of the shoulders.

(1) Normal with stubs
(2) Remove the stubs at the base
(3) Inserted Zaku Pipes from Kotobukiya.

Adding pla-plates to lengthen the lower torsos.

Lengthening the chest with pla-plates so that it is proportionate to the modified torsos.
Updated 19/02/2008 - 01:25 AM

The mid torso are separated into 2 parts for easiler painting.

Added pla-plates to improve on the proportion since I extended the torso in the first place.

A look at the "improved" mid section.

Carved out a opening (for adding details) at the sides of both feet.

I have removed the spikes and replaced them with Kotobukiya parts. The edges of the shields were scored with a art knife for a sleeker look. And finally gaps behind these shields were filled up with epoxy putty since they looked unsightly to me.

Updated 01/03/2008 - 11:15 AM

Filled up the hollows, it's always an ugly sight for most SDs.

Getting ready for priming, awful lot of stuff.

Updated 16/03/2008 - 10:55 PM

I have painted the main colours for the zakus and will proceed to do the smaller parts soon. Some previews.....

Updated 26/03/2008 - 11:40 PM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just came back from a jog after a long break from physical activities. It was suppose to be a "take it easy" jog to get into the groove again. But it was anything but easy. As I began to struggle for air barely 300m into the run, it hit me, the feeling of augish. Guilt and remorse took over. I can't believe it! Everytime I am alone this has to happen. On a subconcious level, I preoccupied myself with so much things just to block out the loss of my dear mum. But I guess it just make matter worse by bottling up all those sorrow and guilt. I am used to sheding tears now although I don't do it in openly...
I'm glad that I have this blog, otherwise I don't know who I can turn to....

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