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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hobby Art Gallery

Every now and then, I will have friends asking me where I get my Gundams and supplies. I always direct them to Hobby Art Gallery, short for "HAG". I think it is about time I write something about them.

Firstly, some history. Back in 2002, I am still an amateur in Gundam modeling and was heading nowhere. Back in those days,  Gundam wasn't really popular even though it has been around for quite some time. I do not have any friends who share the same hobby and I would feel "lonely" at times. However, my girlfriend back then (now my wife) shared the same enthusiasm as me.

Well, that changed completely when I stumbled upon HAG. I could still vividly remember that day I was at Sunshine Plaza with my wife for lunch. As I sat there having my meal, something caught my eye. I saw some Gundams on display! Oh boy, you wouldn't know how happy I was! I stood outside for awhile admiring the completed models and finally mustered enough courage to walk in. "Muster enough courage"? Well yes, I was afraid that it would turn out to be another "collector" toy shop. Of course I was wrong.

Rows and rows of Gundam boxes greeted me. I thought I had never seen so much in my life. I was overwhelmed and stood there as dead as a log. Looking at me, this petite lady behind the counter would probably assumed that I came from Mars. She was none other than Joyce, the owner of HAG. I was busily keep mental tabs on all the Gundams for sale that I became so oblivious of my surroundings. I was like a boy counting the number of birthday presents he received. These are really sweet memories.

I could not remember whether I bought anything that day. But I signed up as HAG member number 12 which I am mightily proud of it even until now. Little did I know that this shop and its people will play a important role in this hobby of mine in time to come.

Ok, enough of the history lesson. Now to the topic proper. Located conveniently at Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street, HAG specialize in Gundam merchandise. Operating hours from Tuesdays to Sundays and Public Holidays, 1.00 pm to 7.00pm. And close on Mondays. Contact number: 6334 5340.

You will find most of the Gundams in the store and there is a wide array of modeling tools and option parts for sale. And if there is something that you can't find, you can always ask the bosses, Joyce and Sam.

HAG do provide lessons for those interested in taking up this hobby. And over the years, they have groomed several champions for BAKUC junior category.  

Shop Front

One special feature of HAG is their display. You will find the most number of finished models put on display all in one place. These models are contributed by our local modelers and that would include me :)  

Models on display, those LEDs are a killer!!!

Compressors, airbrushes and other tools by Hobbymate

Commissioned  Work

The interior, all the Gundams for sale. That would be my son on the bottom left scrutinizing the boxes. ANd no the one on the right is not ME!

Modeling supplies - You have GAIA paints, thinners, primers etc...

Hobbymate option parts - Photo etch, rivets, lenses etc ... 

Give me a few more years and I will set up shop right at home...

Now on to the displays. IMO, a Gundam shop cannot do without its displays and HAG has tons of it.

PG Gundam Astray Red Frame

NG Cherudim Avalanche

MG Musha Gundam

Non Scale - The O with fantastically scribed lines

MG Gyan

MG Zeong

A very glossy Qubeley

MG Gundam Exia

MG S-Gundam

Soaped up Providence VS Strike Gundam (Or what's left of it)

NG Buster Gundam

MG Qubeley - Evolved Type

MG Unicorn

SD Sazabi

NG Zaku Warrior

The Ball brigade

Sorry this one NOT FOR SALE!


Nice read bro! love looking at those great kits! :)

Ah last picture future bakuc champion in the making lol and is that a 1/144 kit he is holding? HAG is a fantastic place indeed for Gunpla :D

Ps : Enjoy looking at your works up close and personal at HAG, especially your Kranji Kampher!

Oh... HAG... I like going there too... Come to think of it, i haven't been there for quite a while now, also can see your works at display at the shop^^

So you are also a HAG member eh?
How does one become a member anyways?

NICE! i have been there! i have seen you kits sir, and it was awesome! and oh, by the way, there are some comic books given away for free. you can actually see the comic books on the 3rd picture, the one with 'XXX' and that came all the way from the philippines, i hope you guys can pick one up.

@ DC23 - Thanks bro!

@chubbybots - Ya man, HAG is a great place to discuss modeling and gunpla, thumbs up!

@Marzz - Have not been there for quite some time? Time for a revisit bro! lol. I'm not too sure about the membership thingy. The last time I heard, they stopped taking in new members. Must be too many of them lol....

@SEUDE - Oh!!! That's interesting. I will definitely pick up one!

hi there. i am kind of new to HAG. so i would like to ask u if the prices there are relatively cheaper than else where?

Hi there, I would say it is cheaper at HAG but prices are pretty competitive nowadays. So you need to do a bit of homework on your own ;)

oh i see. have u got any other places u suggest that model kits can be picked up cheaply? other than HAG i mean.

No I don't. Like I say, if you want to find any place which offer lower prices, you have to do your own research.

i just made a trip to HAG, i feel prices there are lower than elsewhere... thnks for the intro on HAG. it was useful for those who dunno abt the place.

Sure am glad I could some things with you guys here! :)

Hey, sorry to disturb. I'm curious to know how cheap is the gunpla in HAG? Please reply to me asap thanks!! :D

Hi there,

Do you know whether HAG or any other shops in Singapore sells gundam parts?

I lost the head of my HG Heavy Arms Custom and trying to replace it.

Could you help?

Contact me at:

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, unfortunately I do not know of any shops selling separate Gundam parts and especially the head part. My only suggestion will be to wait for sales to buy the whole Gundam although it does not make economical sense at all.

Oh well, that is what I did recently for a missing part I could not find ..sob..

They do pla-plates of various thickness from Tamiya.

Hi busbusan, HAG do not do shipping. However if you are talking about tools and accessories, Hobbymate does. Here is the website,

Good day! I've heard a lot about how great a place HAG is for Gunpla. I love Gundpla but I'm not good with building and don't have the time to build at all.

Does HAG do commissioned work? What are the price ranges for MG, PG, and Gundam Head Display units. I am very interested to have work commissioned.

this is heaven :D
those gundam are awesome,, love the gundam head,,

Great post. Loving the kits displayed at the store window. Hope that one day, my window will be like that too.

Gunpla on bro.

GG you have a shop? Must be impressive...

Nice write-up... really miss those days of hanging out at HAG!

Nice blog you got here, I didn't even know that there's a Hobby Shop like this in Singapore, now I know where should I go when I go back there in Singapore this coming March

Someone tell me if a 12 years old kid will be welcome

Dude!lol...age was never an issue! This hobby is for everyone of all ages and from all walks of life!

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love this post , i have been to hag and they are friendly . this is the best where i normally go to on my free time , to get gunpla , although i doesnt talk much due to my personality .
definitely like that last pic . you have a cute son :D

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