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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hobbymate Micro 2S Pro

For some of you who might be interested to know the array of tools I used for modeling, I think it is about time I do some periodic reviews of tools and options parts for everyone's benefit.

I picked up this tool called Micro 2S Pro from Hobbymate. Upon opening the package, I see this palm size gadget which resembles a motorized toothbrush. The end of the tool is an attachment called the polisher. The sandpaper can be replaced easily. It only requires two AAA batteries to operate. 

It has two variable speed for most needs. I tried using it on a few parts and it work well enough. The attachment is flexible so when you apply pressure, there is no risk of over-sanding your part. IMO, it works best on smaller parts like those Zaku pipes which is a pin on the neck for me. However, it is also possible to use it for polishing and smoothing of surfaces

The various attachments available - interchangable. I have make a video on how this thing works (my apologies for the crappy demo).

All in all, I would say this is a nifty tool to have around. And it is very very affordable too. Will be available in mid March. The first 100 pieces to go at S$29.90 each!  


how much that stuff?? suitable tool for someone like me;-)

Wow, looks useful. How much and where you buy from?

Well guys, it's going to be available at HAG middle of March and not mid February. My bad...
The first 100 pieces to go for S$29.90!

Looks really promising, thanks for recommending this tool to us.

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