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Friday, July 31, 2009

Megatron Ravage custom by Leon Ku

When Leon first showed this to me for the first time, I told myself this could not have been a toy! I thought this Megatron looked actually like the one in the movie. The metallic colour is dead on, very suitable for this Transformer.
As I know that these toys are not like model kits. Parts cannot be separated for painting. I colud imagine the masking and hand painting needed for this one.

Inner chest is painted in gold to give it the "glow" effect.

Small parts are painstakingly hand painted.

Do I see shading on the metallic surface? I have seen a lot of metallic model; but I thought shading and metal colours do not go together. Or maybe I'm wrong? Looks pretty naturally here. The base is another nice touch, simple but effective.


Ahhhh, our house kitten.
I believe the spikes have been removed. The original spikes were too "unsightly" so I heard.Anyway he replaced it with some metal components.

And finally... the combiner, Megatron & Ravage. The original arm of Megatrom looks "chewed off" to me. Now it look complete.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

MG Freedom Gundam (Version 2)

Another MG Freedom. I started on monday and finished it on Saturday. It has been a long time I did something fast, lol. Well not much to shout about. Just OOB and a few very minor details. In the end, I was quite pleased with the kit. I did encountered cracks on some of the plastic parts when I applied enamel paint for panel lines, got to be real careful about this next time!
Monday - Assembly
Tuesday - Some modds
Wednesday - Priming and Troubleshooting
Thursday to Saturday - painting like a mad man!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Master Card Qubeley and "Freedom" challenge

Something interesting came through my mailbox yesterday. I opened up the envelope and was like "HUH!!!???". Attached to the letter was a Master Card with my Qubeley on it! Later I managed to find the "culprit" which was my wife. She applied on my behalf a Master Card with my work printed on it. Whooaa... How COOL is that?

Well, my wife have requested me to do a MG Freedom by this week for a friend. In most circunstances, I would say never because I am notoriously slow. However, after some consideration, I decided to give it a shot. Take it as a challenge as well as to practice my speed. Starting from today till end of the week!!! (I suspect the Card is a BRIBE from her)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1/60 Exia Gundam

So I have completed it! This will be my first 1/60 scale Gundam. I tried some minor modds and panel lines and it turned out just alright. And since this is a commissioned work, I think original the original colour scheme would be better.
I am quite satisfied with the colours, most of the parts I used GAIA paints as I find they given you a more vibrant colours. However, the stickers provided for the orbs are really a chore. I have to paint the one on the body as I could not do a good job with the stickers .
Overall, this is a decent kit and to be frank, anything that is 1/60 always looks impressive. PG or no PG....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exia updates

I finally get off my bum and tried to finish the Exia. I spent the whole afternoon painting and was glad that all went well. Phew.... I realised that this is my first fully painted 1/60 kit! It seems that doing 1/60 scale mechas are much more fun compared to the other scales. Maybe I will attempt a PG very soon...

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