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Friday, July 31, 2009

Megatron Ravage custom by Leon Ku

When Leon first showed this to me for the first time, I told myself this could not have been a toy! I thought this Megatron looked actually like the one in the movie. The metallic colour is dead on, very suitable for this Transformer.
As I know that these toys are not like model kits. Parts cannot be separated for painting. I colud imagine the masking and hand painting needed for this one.

Inner chest is painted in gold to give it the "glow" effect.

Small parts are painstakingly hand painted.

Do I see shading on the metallic surface? I have seen a lot of metallic model; but I thought shading and metal colours do not go together. Or maybe I'm wrong? Looks pretty naturally here. The base is another nice touch, simple but effective.


Ahhhh, our house kitten.
I believe the spikes have been removed. The original spikes were too "unsightly" so I heard.Anyway he replaced it with some metal components.

And finally... the combiner, Megatron & Ravage. The original arm of Megatrom looks "chewed off" to me. Now it look complete.



omg!will you be selling your custom made ROTF megatron?let me know k,thanks!!


It's SGD 550 Megatron with Ravage and SGD 420 without Ravage.

Let me know if you are interested.



It may not be available at most places because it's a toy from the previous TF movie.

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