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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Progess on my WIPs has been really slow recently. I am not having enough time to do gunpla at all it seems. Due to increasing workloads and pressure, I'm in the office for more than ten hours a day and I'm not seeing the conditons improving any time soon. With less than two hours to myself every night, it's impossible to do anything decent. For me, it's both demoralising and despairing. Everyday it's like a battlefield in the office, handling the barrages of endless calls and all. I have talked to my wife, my dad and even complain to my son! (Heck he was staring at me blankly!!!) But I realise what I wanted was my mum. No matter how ridiculous the odds are, she was always there for me (my pillar of strength). She protected me. Now, I'm left to fend for myself and that there is really no two ways about it. I'm reaching my breaking point very soon....
I really hate it when I have little time for gunpla, and to top that up, I saw blemishes on my SD Zaku Warriors EVERYWHERE!!! I wanted everything to be perfect but was too distracted to do any quality work.
Well.... hopefully things will eventually right itself although I am not at all optimistic....

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