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Sunday, May 25, 2008

GN Arms Type-D

Right now, I am really exhausted. From tuesday through to friday, I have slept for less than five hours. I literally slept the whole saturday away.

Overall, I am satisfied with this entry although I would prefer to have more time to do a better base. At least it turn out to be better than I expected. It was fun scratchbuilding the various parts and I can say it's my first time doing gundam at 1/144 scales. So my efforts hasn't been in vain...

No pictures yet but I did took some at the display site. Here they are...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Challenge

I am beginning to notice my stash of work-in-progress works piling up. This year has not been productive for me. Although I could always give the excuse of working late almost every other day, it is probably a matter of poor time management on my part. But I have to admit that having about two hours of modeling time everyday is simply not enough.

However, two weeks ago, I decided to do something insane, that is to join a local Gundam competition organised by Sheng Tai Toys Pte Ltd. I guess there is no turning back now since I have submitted the entry form. I do believe that the submission of the entries will be this weekend and hence, it is a mad rush to the finish. It has been proven from time to time that if you do last minute jobs, quality is bound to suffer (I can vouch for that). I certainly hope I could produce something decent in these few days.

Well, here's a preview of my "would-be" entry....

It's 12.30 am and I have just started priming and its gonna be a loooonnnng night.Hopefully everything go smoothly for me....

Friday, May 2, 2008

This May....

I was at the cake shop this afternoon buying some pastries. I noticed there were some promotion pamphlets and one in particular caught my attention. "Mother's day celebration". Sigh.... Mother's day has never been this significant to me. Every year I will try to bring my mom out for a meal. But I would not be able to do that anymore. Somehow I just felt I have not done enough for her. I picked up that phamplet and stared blankly at it. I was snapped out of my trance by the storekeeper, "sir, any cake you like for your mother?" I told her I wish to buy the most expensive cake they have but she would be able to see it. I just walked away.... It might have been a rude gesture but I was in no mood to explain myself.

Yes, I am still sad, my attachment to her is still as strong as the day I was born. Although I have my committments and work, I feel like I am just doing my time. Things are just, "different" without her. Life is not complete. I know that it it pretty silly, but I am still hoping she will come back to me one day...

A good friend of mine keeps thinking of inventing a Time Machine and go back in time to salvage a relationship; I laughed it off. Now, I sure hope he can pull that one off one day. Just for a chance for me to see her again. Please...

Losing your life ones is a very painful experience. You lost your bearings and have to learn to "walk" again. I sure hope I do not outlive my family. I would choose to go first, because I just can't bear to be alone again.

My wife has just asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I whispered to myself, "MUM".

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