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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new task

I put my Kampfer on hold for awhile and will most probably resume late May. My friend has asked me to create some "accessories" for his maintenance diorama which I gladly accepted. Never really tired of them! Took me five days to do and hopefully I can finish them by this week.

Well, they are really nothing to shout about since it's basically what I have been doing for quite some time. But I think that there are still some major improvements to be made, even though it's about time I attempt other types of dioramas.

I notice that a lot of custom made bases are been sold in the market which would make a lot of modelers happy. However, I reckon that it is more fun and enjoyable to have bases that are of your own creation and hard work.


More Boxes...

And even more boxes....

My son calls this a "Crane Truck"

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