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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gundam Epyon by Leon Ku

It has been quite some time since I blogged about someone's work. Today, I had the opportunity to view this one up close and used my camera phone to take close shots of it. This was one of the entries at GBWC Singapore 2011 and to me, the most underrated work. I do not understand why this entry did not made it to the top 3. I pinned it down to the inadequate lighting and unimpressive display area offered by the organizers. Questioning the Judges' decisions would deemed improper (whatever). Anyway, it's over and I think this work deserved a mention here. Don't think my photography will ever do it justice. But it would be a waste if I don't give it the limelight it so deserves ( I'm considering a proper reshoot in the future). 

Valvrave III - First Look

Since my last review on Valvrave I, I have watch 10 episodes of the anime. And to be frank, I lose interest at episode 5. I continued watching because of Valvrave III. At least the mechas are interesting!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Seriously, this is becoming a joke.

I have local lads coming to me every few days asking when is our GBWC. I have looked into my crystal ball several times but saw nothing. It's all smoke. All I can say is based on experience, year end competitions traditionally happen in late October or early November. So I assume Bandai will make announcements this month or the next, giving us a head start of about three months (and I sincerely hope they do it).

Then I saw Waylander's post. And I remembered. We do not have a Mid Year Competition this year. Nothing to rev up our engines and gain momentum for GBWC. Nothing at all. All smoke again. Probably mid year challenges are just not worth their while? 

And so my counterparts in Malaysia had one recently. And I heard some Singaporean guy announced that GBWC is happening for them early October. That shook me. Why? because TRADITIONALLY, Malaysia GBWC happens right after Singapore GBWC. So if they are having one in early October....  Well, your guess is as good as mine. 

And, like what Waylander said, it doesn't take a business guru to know that the modeling community keeps things going. Perhaps, concentrating on young children and getting their attention will keep the cash registers ringing. Parents these days have so much buying power. So it is all logical (or so they say). "New blood VS Old Farts". Old farts like us can be overlooked (or no need to give a damn sounds more like it). Well, just a gentle reminder, we, the old farts are parents as well. 

To me, it's not a matter of "if" but "when" GBWC will happen. So based on my experience (again), I'm looking at October - November period. Any earlier will be ridiculous considering that no announcement has been made till now (and it's already mid-June). 

AND If it doesn't, I don't have to look into the crystal ball to know how the community will react. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

GMG Sazabi (modeled by Johmny)

I seldom feature works of other modelers here. But damn! this is one really sweet Sazabi!  And how I wish it was me who did this. This is what Formania Sazabi should look like with lower torso/legs. Apart from all the amazing details and the perfect paint job, what really makes this kit stands out is the colour scheme. 

You never see it coming. And bang! One white demon smacked in your face. I admire the modeler's courage and his skills at pulling it off. And to think that this is a full resin kit, I gotta take my hat off just for this fellow....

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