Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gundam Epyon by Leon Ku

It has been quite some time since I blogged about someone's work. Today, I had the opportunity to view this one up close and used my camera phone to take close shots of it. This was one of the entries at GBWC Singapore 2011 and to me, the most underrated work. I do not understand why this entry did not made it to the top 3. I pinned it down to the inadequate lighting and unimpressive display area offered by the organizers. Questioning the Judges' decisions would deemed improper (whatever). Anyway, it's over and I think this work deserved a mention here. Don't think my photography will ever do it justice. But it would be a waste if I don't give it the limelight it so deserves ( I'm considering a proper reshoot in the future). 

To start off, here are two pictures of the original Epyon. 

Now, the masterpiece... 

When Leon brought up the idea of doing the Epyon for GBWC, I was pretty skeptic. I thought that this is an unattractive kit and not eye catching at all. And oh boy, how he made me eat my words. That's why I think he is the best of the best locally. It's a pity I did not manage to capture the purple of his Epyon. But it has a really nice purplish hue and glows under white light. Very mesmerizing... 

As you can see, he had extensive modifications at the shoulders and legs. The layering effects at the shoulders and legs gave it a reptilian like feel.

The next outstanding feature of this work is in its base. Leon did not want a bulky base and opted for a small base that spreads "upwards". And he executed it perfectly. It shows the Epyon dismantling a structure with its heat whip, tearing it apart as it flies off. 

Well, I'm glad I shared Leon's work with you guys. And hopefully he keeps his passion burning and continues to produce these wonderful arts! FYI, this masterpiece is currently displayed at Hobby Art @ Work. 


THanks for sharing. I remember this work, always thought that the dio is executed amazingly

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