Sunday, June 23, 2013

Valvrave III - First Look

Since my last review on Valvrave I, I have watch 10 episodes of the anime. And to be frank, I lose interest at episode 5. I continued watching because of Valvrave III. At least the mechas are interesting!

Well, I like mechas with freaking huge claws and this one is no exception. Although the colour scheme looks like bumblebee, the design and huge claws really caught my attention. This guy isn't loaded with weapons like Valvrave I. Just two daggers at the sides of the chest, two shoulder cannons and of course, that two huge claws. 

Size comparison with a MG Marasai

And now the surprise... 

Well, I can't replicate the eight arms in the anime but getting another pair of arms was easy enough...  HA! 

So, when can I expect this? 


Wow,its so cool.Haha hope Bandai releases the other valvraves soon including the octopus one lol.Have you gotten valvrave 1 yet?

do u prefer valvrave I or valvrave III?

I will hope to see this kit in MG grade one day ^^

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