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Monday, February 28, 2011

Formania Sazabi with maintenance set up (Updated 3 March 2011)

Updates @ 3 March 2011

I did not do much today. I have been playing with the idea of painting this Sazabi for the past few days. I find the stock red dull and I reckoned that a coat of metallic red will look pretty good. So after much procrastination, I decide to take give it a go! I am hoping Mr Cheapo wouldn't mind this surprise move.... lol..

 Some of the parts cannot be detached. So, MASKING HELL!!! 
Diorama components sanded and ready for priming. It's gonna be FUN FUN FUN!!!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 - The Ghost of Laplace

I just cannot stop emphasizing  how lucky we Gundam fans here are. You probably need to fly all the way to Japan to get a original copy of  Gundam anime a long time ago.  Now, we are getting exclusive screenings every three months! We have to thanks Bandai and Shengtai for this. Come 5th March, you will get to watch episode three at Bugis Shaw Theatre. 

You can redeem 1 movie ticket with every purchase of S$30 dollars worth of Bandai Gundam model kits at BHG Bugis and tickets are limited. For more details, please check the above poster. 

Currently, the appended items are up for pre-order at BHG toy department. Collection will be on the day of the screening, 5 March 2011.

1.     1/144 HGUC Sinanju Red Comet - Sparkle version - S$63.95

2.     BB Unicorn Clear Colour version - S$21.95 

3.     Episode 3 Bluray - S$84.95

4.    1/144 HGUC Unicorn NT-D Pearl version - S$38.95 

Frankly, I don't know why you are still reading this post. Get your butt off that seat and start spending man!

What's in for this hobby anyway?

Today, DC23 added this post that got me intrigued. This post hit me in more ways than one. In this hobby, you probably get your fair share of criticisms and praises. I take every comment seriously no matter how much I disagree with them. I think that is the only way to progress. But I always tell myself, irregardless of what comments people made, it is more important that I must satisfy myself first rather than meet other peoples' expectations. 

Over the years I have been treated to fantastic works from DC23, FichtenFoo, Zluca, Matt Tomczek and many  good modelers. Although their works are very different in execution and presentation, they all have (in my opinion) three things in common, namely STYLE, FLAIR and most importantly, PASSION.  It could be a heavily weathered mecha or a clean look Gundam or something totally unexpected,  they all have their signatures written all over. Hence, style and flair is what I prefer. 

While a good presentation is necessary to accompany the model kit, I always stressed that one should get the basics right first. Yes, you can come up with the best concept, large scale base, fantastic pose, story, plot and more. But if I spot your seam lines or some elementary mistakes, you are out, period (Ok, I am guilty of that  sometimes LOL). 

Not long ago, DC23 suggested we have a build-off since we are planning to build the same kit, master grade The-O. I resisted initially because he wanted to build The O II Hauer which is totally out of my league! I love my mecha clean and modified, DC23 likes his bulked up and weathered. However, I gave it some thought and suggested to him it would be better that each of us come out with our own interpretations of the O (My weathering sucks). Now, we have a clash of styles and execution which makes an interesting watch. No doubt there will be two different camps at "war", weathered vs clean. But I think it is beneficial for younger/ new modelers when DC23 and Toymaker "crossed swords". I am pretty sure we all will learn something from this. 

And a final note. The best reward I get out of this hobby is not the recognition or awards but the friends (local and overseas) I made along the way. That to me is the best reward any hobby can offer. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bearguy Groupbuild gathering 13 Feb 2011

Last Sunday, Hobby Art Gallery (HAG) organised a mini gathering for its second Group Build.  About a month ago, I was hanging out in the shop when I noticed these 1/144 Bearguys flying off the shelf like hotcakes. I saw one customer buying three boxes at one go. That was when it struck me that we should have a group build. Sam immediately liked the idea and it didn't take long for it to gather momentum. We got the guys to rope in and all of them were eager to start! However, it was out of stock so we had to wait. 

Well the criteria for the build was simple, Creativity with no focus on quality. You can do whatever you want and with any media you like. The aim of this build is to just to have fun and reignite the fire of those who stopped modeling. 

Well frankly, I thought most of the guys will not be able to finish this and you could imagine my surprise when all turned up with their own bear! Even those who could not make it, left their works at HAG before the meet. 

 All started to gather around 4pm. A good time to do some catching up with old pals, chit chat and gossip.
 We set up a table outside to display all the works. 

Here are the entries.... 

Omegabear (Bearguy/Omegamon conversion)

As Bearguy fever continued,  Hobby Art Gallery decided to organize a mini Bearguy build group. I took this opportunity to do something more relaxed and also for a quick fix. Initially, I wanted to do a Ironman version or Silver Surfer complete with a surfboard. While I was still brainstorming for ideas when the Omegamon box which was stashed in the corner caught my attention. And that's when I decided to do a Omegamon version. 

As this is just a fun build. I did not work on the seam lines and modifications are kept to a minimum. I had to add strips on the chest similar to Omegamon.   

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The day I lost a good "brother"

It's Chinese New Year. Everyone is in joyous mood and I just came back to work after a good break. Everything went well at work until my mobile phone rang. I picked up the call and it was my wife. She asked," Still remember this guy whom you talk to at the void deck every now and then?" "oh yes!" I replied. "Well, he passed away yesterday..." Came the reply. The whole word just stood still. I paused and started to absorb what I just heard. Shock and utter disbelief followed.

Xinwen (as I called him) lives in my neighborhood. We were in the same primary school and have been living in the same block till I moved out. We bumped into each other every now and then and chat a bit. He was always ready to listen to my problems. He was like a brother to me and I enjoy talking to him. He is well-liked by others and even my wife, who do not know him personally, says that he is One Mr Nice Guy. That one I cannot disputed. He is probably the most good-natured person I will ever met. 

The whole afternoon I was too stunned to work. I felt like I have just lost a family member. I was on the verge of tears more than once but I held back or did I?. Why would he go so early at the age of 32? He had so much promise, so much to work for.  I ask myself, "why do good folks seemed to go faster?" I just don't understand. I wanted to attend the wake but some said it is not good for me as it is Chinese New Year. But I will have nothing of that. This is my last chance to pay my respects  to this "big brother" I admired so much.

Over there, I couldn't bring myself to look into the casket but I did. He look so different and how I hope it was not him at all. I felt sad for his siblings, and his parents especially. I am at a loss of words and don't even know how to console his family members when I myself cannot be consoled. "LIFE is so unfair..." 

"Boon, just want to tell you that you have touched my heart in more ways than one and how I wish we could grow old together and sit down at the void deck to chat about old times but it was not meant to be. Well, we will definitely meet again and until then, you have a good rest, bro." 


Wings of Trinity Bahamut

After the Trinity build, I have received some queries about how the wings of Bahamut were created. I searched my database for any photos I may have taken and to my dismay, I have not even take one picture of the build process. 

Well, I went back to HAG and try dismantling the wings but realised that I have permanently glued the parts when I brought it over to Hong Kong. So I guess I will try to explain in words on how I did the wings. My apologies in advance. 

For this build, the biggest challenge was the wings. Simply because I have absolutely no idea how to begin. I sketch a few designs and found none to my liking. It was hard imagining Sinanju with wings. I also need to ensure that design of the wings blend in with the rest of the body. I could have scratch build a pair but reckoned that time is not in my favor (it never does). The next solution is kitbash. I looked for winged Gundams and Destiny Gundam came up naturally. 

However, Destiny's wing design is simply too unique and I can't just pluck it out and force it on the Sinanju. I played with the combinations for the next two weeks and finally came up with an acceptable solution. 

 Pla plates were added to the minor fins (black ones) to lengthen them.  
 Each consists of two Destinys' wings stacked on top of one another.  
 One of Sinanju's thruster covers was used to mount on top of the destiny's wing. 
 Details like pla-plates and panel lines were added for complexity.
A mock up before decaling and top coat. 

That is about all. I don't think it will be of  much help to those who may be interested about the wings. My bad... 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Chinese New Year

Another new year, but the same old story. Everyone is in festive mood and the kids are especially happy. I used to be excited about Chinese New Year. But somehow, things changed when mum left us. This afternoon, I went to the temple to pay my respects. As I stood to pray, sweet memories came flooding back. I told her how much I miss her. And if there is ever a chance that we are reunited, please do not leave us again. 

The day you left, a part of me died with you;

The world seems so cold and harsh without you;

I have lost my drive, direction and purpose;

I longed to hear your voice and see your smile again; 

I can think of you but memories are intangible and they fade with time;

I am trapped in this vicious cycle of despair and sadness with no end in sight;

If not for my wife and kids, I fear for the worst;

I know that there are people out there who are worse off but that doesn't make the pain any lesser;

I will go on...

"If you take someone for granted, now is the time to reflect. Because if he or she is gone, you will take a lifetime to regret." Go on, tell that person how much you love her/him and grateful for everything he or she did. Say what you mean, it must come from the bottom of your heart. 

Go on, you can do it... 

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