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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Steal like an Artist!

I was feeling bored today. Taking a self imposed short break before the next build, I headed down to a local book store hoping to find some interesting reads. And what do you know? I was in luck. While scanning the shelves, this book caught my eye. 

Tucked in one corner, this palm sized book with black cover titled simply,  "Steal like an Artist". " A very intriguing title", I thought. I flipped through a few pages and was immediately sold. Bought it and read the book while I walked home. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gundam Age (Sword Strike version)

With Lucifer out of the way, time for another fast build! I am build one Gundam Age Build Group hosted by Hobby Art @ Work. I am looking at a Sword Strike + Age kitbash while Waylander will be working on a Launcher Strike + Age combo. Other than some modifications to integrate the Sword Strike system to Age,  I will keep this build simple. As for colour scheme, I am trying to duplicate Seira Masuo's style of using pastel colours instead of bold ones. 

So stay tuned... 

LBX Lucifer

I have been putting this off for quite some time. Which is why I make it I spent the last two days priming and painting it. This time I am doing something other than Gunpla. It's LBX aka The Little Battlers. I did not watch the anime but I like some of the designs they have. Interestingly, you could kit bash with other LBX models to create your own variations. And they even have effect parts and optional weapon sets to add more variety to your creation.

For this build, I decided not to go for the original colour scheme and opted for metallic purple and gold combination. I wanted a more majestic looking Lucifer. All metallic colours were painted with a black undercoat.  

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gundam Converge SP01

I have been seeing this on the web many times and kinda curious about them. So despite the price (30SGD), I bought a set. The box is relatively small and when I opened it, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. I expected it to be taller though. And like Gashapon, some of the parts are bend. To make it presentable, one needs to do the panel lines. 

Well, this will probably be my last set unless I want to fix and paint them properly. 

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