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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1/60 Exia Gundam WIP @ 25 Feb 09

Latest updates. Just finished modifying the arms. Details can be found at the WIP box on the left.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Banpresto Desktop Head Set

[Ok, just close a poll @ Plamo forum and the Strike Noir head was the popular choice. So time for some conversion!]
During my Hong Kong trip, I went to several stores in search of these Banpresto Desktop Head Display sets. Released in 2008, the series consisted of four sets, each set containing four display units.
Set 1 contains : RX-78, Wing Zero, Impulse Gundam and Gundam X
Set 2 contains : Zeta Gundam, God Gundam, NT-1 Alex and V Gundam
Set 3 contains : Nu Gundam, GP03, ZZ Gundam and Turn A
Set 4 contains : RX79G, Devil Gundam, F91 and Strike Gundam.

And I must say that these items are really in demand. Most of the stores have already sold out or raised the price of remaining stock by more than two times its original price. Nevertheless, I decided to grab a few as the people from EBASENET is planning a buildgroup for these and I am pretty keen to be part of the group.
As the price is considerably lower than its G-System counterparts, my expectations of the display sets were not very high. But I had a pleasant surprise when I opened the package (I bought a Strike Gundam set). The first thing that struck me was the moulding, I thought it is pretty accurate in terms of proporation and shape. And you could actually remove some parts easily for colouring if necessary.

While G Systems display head sets have very good detailings and LEDs installed, the details on the Banpresto units are kept at a minimum with no LEDs as well. This actually works in my favor since it is my intention add details and learn to install LEDs to this unit.
However, I am having a dilemma now. I wanted to do the Strike Gundam but also thinking about converting it to Strike Noir instead. Although both are similar designs, there are still a lot of works involved to pull of that conversion.

Since I am not able to decide for myself, I will let you guys decide for me. I have set up a poll and would really appreciate if you guys can take some time off to vote.
Thanks in advance!

Friday, February 20, 2009

GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam (Conversion) by Leon Ku

I could still clearly remember the first time I saw this during BAKUC in 2006. I was awestruck. It has never crossed my mind that someone actually built this. It simply blew the competition away (yes! I am one of them). This was a first at that time, and it was made in Singapore! We beat the Japanese to it! Gotta credit Leon for this...
At the scale 1/144, this piece stands about 50 cm with it rear cannons and a 1/60 Impulse Gundam was used as the base kit for the conversion. Involving heavy modifications and scratch-building, this kit took him an estimated three months to complete. Most people could not tell that this was converted from the Impulse.
I remember he mentioned 50 boxes of Epoxy Putty were used. He basically ordered from the supplier the whole carton! It didn't come cheap either.
The toughest part (in my opinion) would be the backpack since it has curved surfaces and symmetrically challenging. Can this transform to Attack Mode? The answer is "yes". But it is not worth srcatching the paint work.
It was a pity that Leon did not take much WIP shots. Otherwise, it would be very good reference to most modellers.
Oh well, let's just enjoy the pics.....

A 1/144 BuCUE (or what's left of it)

A damaged 1/144 Ginn

1/144 Zaku Warrior

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Site Update

I was looking at my blog the other day and realised how plain it looked compared to those I came across. So I decided to look for some custom templates that I could use. I finally found one with two columns for more gadgets which was ideal for me. Currently, I am fiddling with the "html" thingy and I must say I am have a really sore neck right now. It is really tough pouring through all those codes and whatever those words are. It's driving me crazy!
I guess I have to do this through trial and error. Slowly...slowly...

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