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Friday, May 29, 2015

Japan Trip 2015

It was an unexpected trip. All it took was one call and I was on the way to Japan within three weeks of that call. And there I was, once again, in Japan. I wasn't looking for toys to buy. But inevitably, I ended up with a huge luggage home. 

I felt more relaxed this time because I was not on a mission to break the bank or what. I'm just there to take in the scenes and soak in the atmosphere. And I did just that. Walking all over the places and taking random shots and all. And this randomness was somewhat relaxing and uplifting at the same time. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Admit - Embrace - Let it go

I know today is my day. But I am just not in that celebratory mood at all. This is because there are too many tragedies around me. I was with a friend this week whose wife passed on in the most tragic of circumstances. Good friends getting sick, messed up and all. It's like every corner you turned, something bad is bound to happen.

Sometimes, I hope I can actually help people rather than just offer words of advice and consolation. And I admit I am not good at that as well.  I certainly wish for some powers where I can go back in time and put things right. And sometimes, I wish I didn't exist at all. No more sadness, disappointments and all those tears.   

I write this because I want you all to know this; when you think you are down in the slums and life is a bitch, there is someone out there who is having it worse than you, tenfold. Life is so unpredictable and full of uncertainties. I really missed the friends I lost touch. And the guiding light of my life that was snuffed out and taken away from me when I'm still trying to be my own man. 

Some scars are not meant to be healed. There are there to serve as reminders of how strong you were and how far you have came. Everybody will get hurt one way or another. But it's how we learn and recover from it that makes us who we are today. 

Over time, I learned three ways, Admit, Embrace and Let it go. Admit that there is a problem or something happened. Embrace it with open arms, acknowledge the problem. Then meet it head on. And lastly, Let it Go. Once you admit and embrace the issue, there is nothing much for you to do bit to move on. So let it go. There is only one way to go from there, that is forward. Time waits for nobody. Even the strongest bond can be broken if you are determined enough. 

So instead of me receiving presents today, how about I give you all something in return? 

     ...................        Admit - Embrace - Let it go    ...................

Monday, May 11, 2015

To blog or not to?

Yes. That has been the question that has been bugging me for the longest time. Facebook has changed everything. They have make it so easy for me to upload photos, write and place links at a click that I practically post everything there. And then I can do it on my mobile phone or desktop. 

But I started with blogging. My whole legacy is here. I went back to read my first post in 2006 till today. It was nostalgic and a wonderful trip back memory lane. This blog is practically my diary. It's my joys, disappointments, despairs all rolled into one. And the occasional skirmishes. There are life lessons I learnt. It was never about the hobby itself. It was a record of my journey as a modeler, a friend, a dad and a husband. It's things that are closer to my heart. Come to think of it, I had lot of fun. 

Through blogging, I made lots of friends. And when I learnt that I can inspire people to come onto this hobby, I was thrilled. Because I can make a difference in this hobby. Nothing beats that. 

So now, the all important question. Should I continue to blog? 

I got his feeling that the question has been answered above :) 

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

This Mother's Day...

Mother's day has always been a mixture of joy and sadness even since you left. They say time will heal everything. But I can tell you it doesn't. It only acts as an anesthetic, it numbs the pain, it makes you feel better. But when it comes, it rips you from the inside. the void that she left returns in an instance. The guilt, the disappointment and the despair. All at once. 

It is so hard to move on. But I know I have to. Simply because I need to go on with life, time do not wait for anyone. There are people to love, to take care of and many things to accomplish. 

I tell myself to be braver, to be stronger. But you know, I feel that you are your bravest and strongest when you have your mum by your side. That there is nothing to be afraid of, no adversary too formidable, no hurdle you can't cross. 

I was typing this when this song has to be come up, Sam Smith's "Lay me Down". Well, it must be a coincidence cause it rained suddenly when the skies was clear. 

I will take a minute to recover. And then, I will have to move again. 

"Time may not heal the pain, but it brings me closer to the day I will meet you.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum...."

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