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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Admit - Embrace - Let it go

I know today is my day. But I am just not in that celebratory mood at all. This is because there are too many tragedies around me. I was with a friend this week whose wife passed on in the most tragic of circumstances. Good friends getting sick, messed up and all. It's like every corner you turned, something bad is bound to happen.

Sometimes, I hope I can actually help people rather than just offer words of advice and consolation. And I admit I am not good at that as well.  I certainly wish for some powers where I can go back in time and put things right. And sometimes, I wish I didn't exist at all. No more sadness, disappointments and all those tears.   

I write this because I want you all to know this; when you think you are down in the slums and life is a bitch, there is someone out there who is having it worse than you, tenfold. Life is so unpredictable and full of uncertainties. I really missed the friends I lost touch. And the guiding light of my life that was snuffed out and taken away from me when I'm still trying to be my own man. 

Some scars are not meant to be healed. There are there to serve as reminders of how strong you were and how far you have came. Everybody will get hurt one way or another. But it's how we learn and recover from it that makes us who we are today. 

Over time, I learned three ways, Admit, Embrace and Let it go. Admit that there is a problem or something happened. Embrace it with open arms, acknowledge the problem. Then meet it head on. And lastly, Let it Go. Once you admit and embrace the issue, there is nothing much for you to do bit to move on. So let it go. There is only one way to go from there, that is forward. Time waits for nobody. Even the strongest bond can be broken if you are determined enough. 

So instead of me receiving presents today, how about I give you all something in return? 

     ...................        Admit - Embrace - Let it go    ...................


Hey man, long time, Awesome writeup, couldn't agree more.

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