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Monday, May 11, 2015

To blog or not to?

Yes. That has been the question that has been bugging me for the longest time. Facebook has changed everything. They have make it so easy for me to upload photos, write and place links at a click that I practically post everything there. And then I can do it on my mobile phone or desktop. 

But I started with blogging. My whole legacy is here. I went back to read my first post in 2006 till today. It was nostalgic and a wonderful trip back memory lane. This blog is practically my diary. It's my joys, disappointments, despairs all rolled into one. And the occasional skirmishes. There are life lessons I learnt. It was never about the hobby itself. It was a record of my journey as a modeler, a friend, a dad and a husband. It's things that are closer to my heart. Come to think of it, I had lot of fun. 

Through blogging, I made lots of friends. And when I learnt that I can inspire people to come onto this hobby, I was thrilled. Because I can make a difference in this hobby. Nothing beats that. 

So now, the all important question. Should I continue to blog? 

I got his feeling that the question has been answered above :) 


To answer your question, you should continue to blog. I love you work and always coming back here to look for inspirations. Yes Facebook does make things easier to post but it is also harder to look for specific things not only what happened in the week but worse when you need to look for stuff in months or years to come.

Like what you mentioned, I think you know the answer but I'm going to say it again. you should continue blogging

Thanks for the advice bro. I will continue to blog. And continue to in years to come.

Also forgot to mention that your blog also made me start a blog to record my progress and also hope be able to help those who are new to the hobby.

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