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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chaos Gundam

Of all the mechas in the Gundam Seed Destiny, the Chaos Gundam is my favourite Gundam. It looks pretty slick and unique in its own way. Building a [NG] Non-Grade kit do not really pose much problems since I do not consider filling seam lines a hassle. As usual minimum masking was required.

The original base was damaged in a "freak" accident. So i replaced it with a stand.


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The Chaos isn't a Earth Forces Machine, it was created by Zaft little mistake there owell

OMG! I think you may be right! Oh what was I thinking back then? Hmmmmm... I'm clueless. :)

holy cow... why are people so deprived of common sense...

"Common sense"? Yo bro, what are you up to?

bro, where did you get those decals? also for your Legend Gundam too.. I wonder...

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