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Monday, July 2, 2007

MS-18E Kampfer [Kanji] Custom - Finished!

Finished this around 5 am this morning. And I must say just in time too! Sigh... time management is really not my forte. Got to leave this until the eleventh hour before it's done. And to cap it off, it's Monday! Got to drag myself to work with barely one and the half hour sleep, YAAWWNN.....

Back to the topic.... This kit took me about two months to finish on the average of three hours per day. Overall the whole experience was pretty enjoyable except for one problem, the quality of the plastic for this kit. Throughout the entire process, several parts cracked and broke on me and that left me with little choice but to buy another replacement. The plastic is very brittle and have to be handle with care.

My initial concept was to have a rifle together with a sword but ultimately I went with just the sword as I find it odd to whole both weapons at the same time. The right colour scheme has eluded me for quite some time too.I contemplated using orange, red , purple etc etc. But in the end, settled for a camo scheme with different tones of greys and white. I foresaw masking hell which did turn out as expected....MASKING HELL.... I concentrated more on achieving the right colours and also on the various metallic parts I was painting.

In fact I have no idea how it will turn out. And lucky for me, the final product was good. I did encountered some extensive frosting when I apply a flat coat and wasting a good one hour trying to fix the problem....

I really like that cleaver!!!


Great Job ! Very detail works . This is the best Kampfer I've ever seen.
If u got the time welcome to visit my blog

WOW!! Really another amazing work from the pro!! Been looking forward to this since you began...Love the colour scheme too!! Really one of the best Kaempfers ever seen...Good job!!

Thanks for the stamp of approval guys !

@k y - interesting blog you have there!

Kanji vs Raven

which do you prefer yourself? it's gotten to the point where your work no longer improves, because there is nothing else to improve on. amazing work.

On the contrary, there are lots of room for improvement. I dare say that my latest creation is much better than the Raven. But I am still seeing things that I could have done or rather, avoid. Others may perceive that I have reached the plateau with no more further room for improvement. But that's just the beginning of more things to come. I have yet to master and tap into the vast skills/ techniques/ styles that are awaiting me to explore...

haha - such humility. :)

one last question: how *did* you sort out the topcoat frosting problem, in the end?

by the way, i hope you are feeling better now.

Well, I tried applying gloss coat and even have to repaint some parts. My advice is to totally avoid frosting to save the hassle later.

"My advice is to totally avoid frosting to save the hassle later."

How do you "totally avoid frosting"?

If I could "totally" avoid the frosting, I wouldn't be whinning over here my friend. But when I do come up with a sure proof method, I will post immediately!

the outmost front of the chest armor felt a little bit odd. it doesn't integrate with the overall puffyness of the chest.

nevertheless .. great work =)

Oh? Hmm...although I feel "ok" about it, I'm glad that you brought it up anyway. I'm pretty sure this will benefit me in "fine-tuning" my future works, some even commented that the crotch is too protruding which I think it is, hee.

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That's awesome!
I went to Sunshine Plaza, and seen part of your works, you re damn good ! :)..Excellent !


Only one question : which base used for this one ? MG 1/100 or 1/144 HG Kampfer ?

Your work on the Sazabi is also amazing ... Now because of you I bought some stuff and I am starting ! :)

Hello N!

Thanks you very much!

This is a 1/100 MG Kampfer. Because of me? Fantastic!!! Let's get cracking!

you re welcome!
yeah because of you , I bought few kits already !

SD, HG, FSS , and planning to buy a Kampfer cause the model is one of m y favorite; I also bought this RESIN BCLUB SD SONCHOUKOU GERBERA ...

Moving to japan next week so i ll have a look there too !

I ve asked the qestion above because it looks like smaller than the other 1/100 MG in the window of the shop (HAG one correct ?)

Woah... that's quite a lot of kits!

Moving to Japan? OMG, been wanting to go there since I started modeling...

For your information, both Kampfers at HAG are MGs. The other Kampfer was painted with metallic colours and quite reflective, giving it the impression of being "bigger"...

Great work on the mods.

Question... what is the best way to mask parts? That seems to be one of my biggest problems... -__-' so i end up hand painting a lot of the smaller parts. Also how did u get ur texture so smooth, mine always end up somewhat fuzzy even if i use the ultrafine sandpaper.

Hi Draco,

There is no best way to to masking. Usually we will try to separate as much parts as possible. Sometimes I use the masking sol as well.

If your paint job is "fuzzy", it could be that your paint is too thick. Try diluting your paint to the consistency of water. This take some experience but it's a matter of time you will get it :)

Alright thanks. So with your Kampfer, you didn't mask all that many parts and just separated them. correct...including the modded parts and then glue them on? Also about the modded parts, the plastic sheets you easy are they and can the putty be used for part making?

Sorry for so many questions. I just picked up this a few weeks ago and had so far three trials, and none of them are turning out to what I want, but I expect no less for noob works. The thing about paint, I just can't really find a good way to measure it. If it's too thin, it'll run all over the place and if its too thick it'll either get stuck or be fuzzy. Do you use something to measure the volumes with, or did you just go by your experience and do a good guess?


I separate as much as I can so I am left with little parts to mask. Using those plastic sheets, which I call cladding is not really difficult. But it does take some time to master it. It does help if you have a strong fundamentals first.

For painting I did not measure the volume, it's all estimation. It does comes with experience. If your coat looks fuzzy, it could be that your paint is too thick. Try diluting it. I usually mix on a 50-50 ration but it varies with the different brands of paint I used. Secondly, the distance from the airbrush and surface should be about 20cm. Too close the paint will run and too far you paint coat might become inconsistent.

Alright, Thanks

I guess it's more of trial and error.

20cm thats pretty far, well at least with my air brush. It tends to waste too much paint when I move it far and use more paint to compensate for the range. So I assume that you have one of those expensive air brushes and compressor?

My compressor has been wtih me since day 1. Just an ordinary compressor which cost me abt 200 back then. My AB is German made which cost me abt 300.

Hi, may i know how u modify your Gundams? Mind sharing a brief idea?

Oh I totally miss this post! I do not know where to start explaining. Perhaps I will have more WIps in my blog for all to see. So you guys can understand how I do my gundams...

hi.. id like your permission to copy the color scheme of your kampfer.. i'm just too lazy to think & my kampfer is already due 3 years ;p

Hi Mr Feizar, thanks for asking and please go ahead :)

good day!

i've been backreading some of your posts and i saw this. It really helps in my curiosity for modding gundam.

anyway, i would just want to ask, do you glue your pla-plates immediately after cutting them out? thanks in advance!

Most of the time, I use Super Glue to get an instantaneous bond. Cement takes too much time and may not work as well.

why is it that you fix the gundam up then u apply the primer? isnt it lesser hassle to spray the primer before fixing it up so not much masking is involved?

I do both. It will depends on how you attached your modifications onto the kit itself. I always keep masking to a minimal.

Btw how much does this kit you made cost in hag? Saw it the other day and my cousin, also a gunpla fan, went mad over this kit. His birthday is next month thought of getting it for just wanted to know the selling price.

Hey Very Good Job!
I have just finished watching 0080 war in the pocket, and Kampfer is just awesome!
Your Kampfer build is really good. I can't do a thing for you apart from saying good job
So, just a little question, did you doing any thing to strengthen the model's hands? Is that just a gundam builder hand? that killer cleaver looks pretty heavy.
Thanks for making this model so now the world can see and enjoy it ;P

Hi Timothy, I did do modify/strengthen the hands at all. This was made in 2005. So it's pretty noob stuff back then :)

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