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Monday, December 22, 2008

MG Qubeley [Evolved Type]

Spent some time to take more close up pictures of my Qubeley. Till now, I am still stumped how did I manged to pull this one off. During construction, I could not visualise the final product, compared to my previous works. It was like walking blindfolded. It was why I derived greater satisfaction when I did manged to complete it. This kit actually push my modification skills further and there is no doubt, I gained a lot of experience and new techniques. However, personally I felt that I still can push the boundaries and I see this kit as a "stepping stone". I am already looking forward to my next work....

This is my entry for BAKUC 2008 Singapore, MG Qubeley Evolved type. A few months ago, a friend suggested to me this kit. I was not really keen to do it, as this kit is not very appealing and can be considered "ugly". I thought about it and decided to take up this challenge, to give this model a "revamp". It was pretty hard in the beginning, I am stuck several times on the conceptual stages and the schedule was held back. I did finish it in time although I was hoping for more time as always.

As I did not take any photos for this one, I have to rely on those taken by my friend (he did a good job).

My favourite from the Expert Category, Musha Gundam by Leon Ku (kick ass stuff!).


saw the qubeley and like the detail that u have given to this mecha. u has achieve the 'fierceness' of this mecha. how long to take to complete her? cheers,ming

orange spent just only 2 month to finish this excellent masterpiece. GOOD JOB orange!

liked what you did for your 'revamp' of the MG Quebeley.

some questions though, could you enlighten me which stores in Singapore that i can go, to get these metal pistons, etc to make the kit more realistic? thank in advance :)

Hi there, nice to see your work again. It's always very refreshing for me to see your work. And it motivates me! Like the way Qubeley comes out, has a evil era. Way too strong. =)

HI Jacques, those metal parts I used are in fact, plastic. I merely painted them. If you are looking for such parts. You can try those shops selling computer components at Sim Lim Tower. If not, you could try Hobby Art Gallery (HAG) at Sunshine PLaza.

Awesome WIP pics. Now we know how it is done... YOU ARE CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! :P

Thanks Max,

I should have taken more WIPs. So these can shed some light on how I modd. But was rushing so stopped taking photos halfway.... My apologies.

This is an amazing one, one I liked the most among all the models displayed in HAG. I didn't know you did this. Great work!
I am just a starter in Gunam modeling and I heard about HAG from your blog. After seeing all the models displayed there, I am thinking about joining a basic training class. Hope we can meet sometime..

love your work,as you said the quebly could be a little ugly but you made it look good.oh and what would be a good kit for a beginner in 1/100 to 1/144 range?

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