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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Formania RX-93 Nu Gundam - First Look

After a long wait, I finally got my hands on this hot property. Needless to say, I opened the box the moment I stepped into my house. I was not disappointed at all. First, the packaging is very attractive. I am particularly drawn to the designs. Looks classy to me.

The main body, left shoulder, crew members are individually wrapped. 

There is no manual given. Just a page consisting of instructions on some minor assemblies. 

On first impression, I must admit the details are impressive. A lot of effort is spent on internal mechanisms. The paint job is good considered that it is mass produced. 

The mechanisms of the backpack are superb. 

The cockpit door (in red) can be slide up also. 

The cockpit is also very detailed. All pistons are made of metal. 

The metallic colours are pretty good. 

The backpacks can be pushed apart. 

The neck area could serve as a good reference for future builds. 

Some random shots. 

Overall, I think this one justify its price tag. I did spot a few paint chips but those are small issues. And I thought the addition of LEDs will be the icing on the cake! Although it comes fully painted. I am considering doing some minor colouring.  I definitely have big plans for this one. And I can wait for the release of Sazabi version! 

Toymaker #01


SWEET!!! this looks awesome bro! can't wait to see what you plan to do with this one bro! ;)

Finally arrives ya, Looks good!! I'm in with ya on the sazabi lol

@DC23 - Yup, I am looking forward to doing this one too. Once I am freed up from other projects that is... darn!

@Cheapo -Ya man Sazabi a must get!!!

Gosh, i thought this kit has to be assemble together. I didn't know that it came assembled inthe box.

Cool, dude. Can I come over to play with it ?


Though there were some minor flaws on the paint and some edges needed sanding really badly.

Mine is on delivery already. Hoping to get it within this week. :D

*will try not to look close up on it.*

@renozlion - no problem man! Anytime!

@foodwhore - Hello foodwhore, the details on this one is more than enough to make up for any minor flaws. Hope you get yours soon.

And by the way, I am keeping tabs of your blog so I know where to eat when I'm in HK the next time. Thanks!

Oh and I bought it at HAG for SGD 190.

I received mine yesterday.

Notice some minor paint flaw on 1 of the hydraulics, some cement leakage on the chest area and there were plenty of grease leakage too. No wonder the astronauts were there to service it. lol.

The food I had in HK were nothing fancy. I think you are better off looking for a more specialized foodblog for more reliable info. lol.

Looks real impressive.. Wish they'd make more of the other gundams :3

Hi Arein,

This one is already so popular. Bandai definitely will not just stop at 2! Hopefully they release more info in the near future.


That's a new line of products by Bandai called the FORMANIA. The RX-93 is just... the beginning.

Get ready to fork out your blood & sweat money man. Hahaha.

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