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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gundam Fiesta 2010

I took leave on Friday and made my way down to Compass Point for the Gundam Fiesta Singapore 2010. This is like an expo similar to those held in Japan and Hong Kong alas at a much small scale. I ain't complaining. At least we have one annually. At one glance, this year's layout is pretty similar to last year. However, I find the displays are more interesting now... 

The stall booth 

The stage with a 1:1 Gundam manipulator. Ops sorry it's a 1:1 Gundam hand...  

This display shows the various RX-78 Gundam products. The 1/48 RX-78 is impressive;y painted. 

This display shows the number of parts for the High Grade (HG), Master Grade (MG) and Real Grade (RG). You can see the obscene amount of parts for the Real Grade on the extreme right. Parts so small I have double vision after assembly. 
Here are the various displays from Japan. First, a 1/35 Zaku half bust. It seems like the body was scratch-built while the head was taken from the UCHG series. 

I remembered seeing this one in Hobby Japan if I am not wrong. It's not everyday you can see "live" models from magazines. A real eye-opener. 

A very interesting conversion. GN-X with Astray head. Who would have thought of it? 

This one I am interested. 

I like the perfect grade Strike Gundam's shading. Very natural. 

You guys probably seen this in my blog. A maintenance diorama with PG GP01 by Leon Ku. 

Another crazy PG conversion by Leon. 

This PG Gundam MK-II is done by Sam from Hobby Art Gallery. Perfecto! 

Another PG by Leon Ku. I think I am not wrong to call him a Gundam factory!? 

Some interesting toys for boys power rangers style!  But Not for Sale? 

Display of the previously released Gundam 00 products. 
Gundam Harute

00 Qan[T]

Gundam Zabanya. This one is my favourite. 

Raphael Gundam

A 2m tall Unicorn Gundam display

Winners of the Master Grade and SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 on display. 

Woot! That's mine!

Another giant display. 

Winners from the SD category

1/144 displays from Gundam Unicorn series

I like the design of this one

Another must buy for me! 

Premium stuff 

Titanium finish RX-78 

Wing Gundam Pearl gloss edition 

This is one heck of a diorama. Someone this crazy to assemble so much HORSES!? 

Capsule machine the size of a Vending Machine 

Free gift? 

Another customized kit by Leon. What's wrong with that guy!? 

Overall, I would say that there is an improvement compared to last year. There are of course room for improvements and I am already looking forward to next year. I was there on the eve of the Fiesta and I could see how hard the stuff were working. It is not an easy feat to organize this event. So I think we shall applaud them for their efforts. I will be down there on 11 September for a prize giving presentation too.   

Sorry no pictures of Gundam Image girls, I totally forgot about them! 

And finally...

My son was actually looking for 00 displays that were not in my private collection. Man, was he disappointed ;)


Nice that you went on Friday! I went there on Saturday afternoon and there was a big crowd there! I could hardly move around in the expo space! I loved it though. I saw your Sinanju too! :P

Haven't gone down there yet..... Will do on wed.
You will be heading there again on Sat? Pity I will still be in Malaysia.....

Wow...fantastic :)

I used to be crazy about Gundam too - must have spent thousands of dollars and hours on putting them together...

Good to see your son also picking up the interest...hahah

But my wife unfortunately put her foot down on my "hobby"...sigh

Dragonfly - Great event huh? Hopefully they can have it every year!

Marzz - Orh, never mind there will be a chance to meet.

Xtrocious - Every time I heard this, I feel sad. But it's definitely more prudent to sway in your wife's direction ;)

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