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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hard at Work

I drop by the workshop today. The guys were busily assembling furniture. Now the workshop is beginning to take shape. I am looking towards the days when I can work on my projects here. Hobby Art @ Work will begin operating on the 18th of October 2011. This is next Tuesday! However the official launch is  scheduled on the 5th of November.

Address:                 12 Arumugam Road, #06-04 
                             Lion Building B Singapore 409958

Operating hours:     12 pm to 8.30 pm 

Take note guys! I will be posting more information on the shop this week so keep a lookout for it. 

 Assembly manual not an issue with us. We read countless ones lolxxx... 

Shelves displaying the stocks. Here is definitely more spacious compared to Sunshine Plaza. A lot of standing room for people. 

This area will be the workshop for members. More details on the membership and rental scheme will be revealed in time to come. 

Some posters to spice up the place. 

Some supplies 


So will HAG still continue to operate at Sunshine Plaza? Or will HAG sell kits at both the workshop and at Sunshine Plaza?

No worries, HAG will still continue to operate at Sunshine Plaza. And both shops sell kits as well :)

wahahahahaha so near to my office!!
i will be doing more OT, my dear!

Congratulations! Now you can look forward to your day job LOLOL..

wow, super cool place to hang out man! This is really a dream come true for the enthusiastic hobbyist!


I can see Eric and Sam working hard!
Hope this place will be a very successful one!

@Anonymous, Yes it is very near the MacPherson Station :D

Yes , it's near MacPherson Station Exit B. In fact, you see the building after exiting.

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