Monday, March 4, 2013

HMM Iron Kong - First Look

This will be my entry for the first Zoids Group Build this May, HMM Iron Kong. I consider this the Perfect Grade of Zoids because of its sheer size and number of parts. It would be a challenge for me since this is going to be my first painted HMM kit. 

Everyone likes the packaging of course. It's the biggest in the HMM series. 

There are a LOT of plastic runners. Just not as bad as a typical Perfect Grade Gundam. Thing is Koto probably's engineering is not as good as Bandai's. So you get some loose parts and maybe slight alignment issues. Nothing to fret about for the average modeler though. And each part can consists of many components which is pretty tedious and you probably won't finish this in one seating. 


Final Comments

Overall, I had fun building this. But the loose parts can be really frustrating at times since they keep popping out during posing. I probably have to glue them permanently or they will start dropping the moment you attempt the pose it. 

- Loose parts that just keep popping out if you exert pressure on the kit; 
- Shoulders and hips joints loosen over time, 
- Stronger joints are needed if you want it to hold its own weight.  

For some of you who are considering this, just to let you know Kotobukiya will be launching Iron Kong Schwartz Style in June. I think its basically the same Iron Kong with a different set of weapons. 


hey , how much did u get e iron kong for?i got it for about 120sing.n dont u think e shwaltz version is going to add more to the weight of the kong aready?though i wouldnt mind e extra weapons esp e gatling.n since u already have e dark horn,u could prob add in yourself rite?or prob another seraphim for back pack?

I really like the look of iron kong. Will be waiting to see your finish product and I'm sure I will be inspired to work iron kong too. Reeve.

Can't wait to see what you do with this big guy Toymaker!

And I agree on the loose parts... incredibly frustrating.

The number of parts are overwhelming but honestly it's much easier than genobreaker lol. Assembly is not that complicated and most of the parts are larger than normal. Anyway good luck with the build!

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