Monday, September 30, 2013

My say...

So GBWC Singapore stop has just ended. This year, many big hitters did not enter the arena but nevertheless, there were several good entries. Let me just go straight to the two hot favorites and eventual winners, Shinigami and Aesalon. Both are conversions from the Sinanju Stein and Sinanju respectively. And both are real eye-openers. 

My first impression of this entry is that it has the champion's aura. It projects sheer arrogance and class. Quite a memorable piece. I see Rezel Defenser parts, FA Unicorn's propellant tanks and even parts from the Dendrobium! I had  the impression this newcomer, Mechaman has stashes the size of mountains! 

And people gonna said that he's rich and can afford it. You buy your way to awesome builds. But to be brutally honest, I can give you the parts, but that doesn't mean you can do what this guy did here.  Money doesn't teach you how to blend so many parts together seamlessly, talent does. The details and modifications on the Stein is impressive and nicely done. 

Well, the base is equally impressive. I don't see a story link here but it's more like an overall presentation thingy.  A good all-rounder entry to me. 

I like the base very much. It's damn impressive. 

Next, our newly crowned Champion, Chocofalcon. Another newcomer (what's up with all the newcomers!?). His take on Sinanju is daring and unconventional. Something that really screams for attention. At first glance, it may seemed a bit too "loud". Linger around a bit and you will start to appreciate the concepts and modifications. Although not as extensive as Mechaman's Shinigami, its blend of outlandish design and striking colours is more than enough to compensate for that "disadvantage". 

I thought that the base could be more interesting though. But I'm guessing Chocofalcon got all elements right, model kit and the base complement each other.  


Since this blog post is more about my favourite entries for this year's GBWC, let me introduce another nice entry, Resurrected Wings's Buster. Simple, no frills but a very impressive entry in my humble opinion. Some strategic/clever kitbashing really adds to the overall appearance of the kit. There were questions why I said this Buster is a good kit and I find it hard explaining to people. All I can say is that paint job, chipping and modifications are not over the top and all done to perfection. With all the outrageous builds these days, it's refreshing to see a simple build which showcase the modeler's strong basics and dedication. That's how I feel. 

A marked improvement compared to his entry in GBWC 2012. 

Another kit that generated a lot of interest on the web is Wilson's Hyper Hi-Hi-Nu. LOL. Nice colour scheme and I like how he mod the backpack to accommodate the extra funnels. He still needs to work on his detailings and his base. But overall, it's a nice entry and got him the best Master Grade award. 

Well, there you have it. My favorite entries at this year's GBWC.  There are other nice entries out there as well but these guys got my votes. 

On a final note, I applaud both Mechaman and Chocofalcon for putting up a good show. Both entries are winners in their own rights. It was a close fight right down to the wire. 

Finally, I congratulate Chocofalcon on his win and wish him luck in Japan. Do Singapore proud bro! My shopping list will be forwarded to you very soon :) 

OH! By the way Bandai, Shinigami is from the Open Category not Junior Category. Get your "basics" right.  


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