Tuesday, October 15, 2013

GBWC (Tale of Two Countries)

I have always been interested in what my neighbours are doing for GBWC. Since geographically, they are the closet to us and we have many things in common. And not to mention that I'm half a Malaysian since my mum was from there. 

Not contented with just pictures online, a bunch of modeling buddies and me will make yearly trips to Malaysia to see the entries live. Nothing beats seeing the masterpieces in person! 

Malaysia Expo. I don't want to bore you guys with event photos. So let go straight into the entries that caught my attention.  

Windbreaker Series by Ronnie Phoon (Champion) 

Well, what can I say. I spent a LONG time staring at this kit. Because it has many stories to tell from all angles. I have never seen anything presented in this way before and it sure caught my attention. Those little details like the broken bottle and all those interesting signage. It looks weird but in kinda good way. And only after some time that I realized there isn't a Gundam in it! Just balls,balls,balls,here,there and everywhere! Very creative!

Delta Plus Deep Striker by Sherman Lim (1st Runner-Up) 

This is one hell of an entry. He caught Eday's style spot on. The strategic use of kitbashed and option parts is nothing short of amazing. However it will be even better if some highlights are added for example red streaks on the kit to give the kit more contrast. 

See the resemblance? 

Delta Plus.R by Rayloke (2nd Runner-Up) 

This is what I like to call a "All Rounder" entry. Workmanship, pose, base, modifications and colour are all impressive. Not as crazy as the first two entries, but good enough to hold its own. I like this entry very much because of its pose and how seamlessly the whole presentation is. The support for the Delta is cleverly concealed and this alone is a major plus point to me. Fluorescent colour psycho frame would have really bring out this kit though. 

So besides the top three, here are some of my favourite entries. Enjoy... 

So our little rivalry continues. Whose better? I got to admit Malaysia beats us hands down this round. They simply have more better entries than us. So we will have to try harder to come back stronger next year. To my local lads, let's make a push for it in 2014! 

So, we end the trip with a really nice YUM CHA session with Erix93, a local modeling legend as well as a new friend, Chee Lam (Oldman). Nothing beats mingling with like-mindedness people!   

From left, Mechaman, Walyander, Toymaker, Erix93 and Oldman.

Oh, and I almost forgot this! Just a gentle reminder.


These entries are creative. Really worth the trip especially the balls one

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