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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Poisonmonkeys Jesta Group Build 2014

So Waylander and Toymaker have finally decide to organize a Group Build. And we named it "Poisonmonkeys Jesta Group Build".

The first question that comes to your mind is probably, "Why Jesta?" And I say, "Why not?" We all know Jestas are no frills, simple but effective units on the battlefield. But they are still, cannon fodders. 

So, what if I give you the opportunity to transform the humble Jesta into a hero suit? Or turn it into the Antagonist, like Tallgeese, will you take it? 

Basically, we want participants to go crazy for this group build. We want souped-up units. We want radical concepts. We want outrageous builds. So how is one going to approach this? Simple, think out of the box. Throw away the original concepts and perceptions of the Jesta and revolutionize it. That's the plan. 

So yesterday was the meet. And was I disappointed? I got to be kidding if  I say yes. Because, it's by far the most successful and exciting Group Build we organized. The lads were fantastic, lending their full support in the form of fantastic builds. Well, we get to that later...

This time, I wanted to instill some competitiveness in the lads. So we prepared trophies for the top 3 and introduced judging for the first time. And those present will also get to vote for their favorite entries. 

We went a step further and purchased a new photo booth with proper lighting so the participants can take proper pictures of their hard work. 

And any contest is never complete without prizes. Luckily for us, we have a generous sponsor who contributed many kits. And HAW prepared shop vouchers for S$300 plus airbrush, S$200 plus airbrush  and S$100 plus 2 MG kits for the top three winners. 

A look at the trophies.

And now, photos of the event itself and entries. A very strong turnout this time round. And so were the entries. Many of them are GBWC standards. That certainly caught me off guard. But, I am really grateful everyone put in great effort. 

I saw an improvement in those who joined the previous group builds and some new faces as well. It took awhile for them to open up. But in no time, everyone was chatting, sharing tips and discussing Gunpla.  

Yeah, judging was pretty tense. We looked and looked and looked. Scrutinized the entries from all angles and took down notes as well. It was really intense. 

Awesome build by Waylander. He's not participating of course. 

2nd placing 

3rd Placing 


Prize giving ceremony for 5 merit prizes, best paint job and of course the top three winners! 




Group photo of all the participants. We have a young girl in our midst which is very encouraging. 

Well overall, I declare this Group Build a huge success and hopefully, many more to come in the future. There were fun, laughter and comradeship. For the first time, I see everyone putting their differences aside and the community come together to make this event a success! I can't thank all of you enough! 

Finally, I want to thank Joyce and all staff of  HAG/HAW for their wonderful support. Kai Seng, for his coordination on the trophies and door gifts, Mechaman, Chocofalcon and everyone who was present. 

With Jesta Group Build done and dusted, it's time to plan for the next one! Watch this space! 


That is just great. Jesta is my favorite mobile suit. Just looking at all this models make me so happy! I wish i can see the not only on photos! So cool! Thanx a lot!

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