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Monday, March 24, 2014

One hell of a armor! NZ-999 Neo Zeong

My expression of Neo Zeong in flight. 

To be utterly frank, when the first images of  the Neo Zeong came out, this was my expression. 

Well, the expectations were sky high when this "fan art" appeared online. Somehow, I was hoping that the final product wasn't too far off. Or it could well be a "leak" from somewhere. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I didn't like it at all. Stiff like a lumber. And those awkward looking propellant tanks as legs? I thought it was crappy. 

Fan boys, hold your horses. Don't react at my comments first. Because I had a change of heart. When the disappointment ebbs away, I began to realize Bandai's Neo Zeong ain't that bad afterall. Lots of potential for upgrading. And with something this huge, it got to come with some gimmicks. 

Well, recent images of it in public certainly caught my attention. It's HUGE, really huge. But man... look at those armors and parts screaming for details and modifications. I'm drooling as I looked at the images. 

And you know what? They have a SD version of it as well! And it's damn cute!

So final verdict? 

I'm sold. Will be getting this come June. 27,000 yen? 86cm tall? Who cares? 


Source: Gundamguy

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