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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gundam Duel Company

Gundam plus cards!? It sounds a bit corney to me at first. Apparently, this is a game system that ( I quote them)  "perfectly combines trading cards with a browser game." I read further.   

Trading cards: Firstly, I like some of the designs I see. In addition to the stock cards, there are six rare cards with different designs. Oh I like to collect cards especially those with limited ones in it. Just love that thrills when I get a rare one! 

1. Feature all Gundams 
2. 66 mobile suits cards with exclusive artworks 
3. 37 pilot cards 
4. Japan and foreign versions available (to be verified) 
5. Can be made available on smart phone, tablets and PC
6. Can be played anywhere, anytime 
7. Play online and communicate with friends 
8. Game rewards with cards delivered to you? LOL, I love to see that! 
9. Single and team matches,  7 day special battle involving 100 players! 


OK, it's a bit overwhelming to me right now as I am not really an online player. And there are lots of info that sketchy at the moment. So there is a lot of reading up to do. I'm thinking of giving this a try since the card designs are pretty cool. So stay tuned for updates. 

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