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Monday, March 2, 2015

Back2basics HAG Group Build 2015

Wow! What a day! Just came back from the Group Build hosted by Hobby Art Group and it was a blast! The theme for the first group build of 2015 is Gundam Build Fighters. I was part of the organizing committee. And we have earlier agreed on the "back2basic" concept.

Participants will have to build and paint out of the box. No modifications or alterations. So basically it's an OOB build off. We wanted to emphasize on basics like treating nub marks, seam lines, masking, decaling and so on. It's a good training for the newbies and a timely revision for the veterans.  

We counted 33 entries and prepared the necessary space and catered for finger food and drinks. But we were in for a shock!  We weren't prepared for the flood of entries that came. More than 50 in total. So yeah, we were caught out badly. But you know what, it's a good problem! The response to the GB was overwhelming. The room got so crowded, taking photos were impossible! 

There was a short demo on panel lining and it proved to be useful for the newbies who had doubts about this process. Thanks to Chocofalcon for this skit. 

And here are the entries. Everyone really put in effort for this GB. I saw no nub marks. Maybe a few seam lines and misplaced/ silvered decals. But overall, the works are of a good standard. 

Hobby Art Webshop Lanyards for all participants courtesy of Yeo Kai Seng.  

And yes, judging was really a pain. There were little to separate the top entries apart. We had to resort to looking at every aspect of the model kit to the point that we are nick picking.  

What that made me really happy was this group of kids who took part in the GB. Personally, this is very encouraging for me and it will spur me to organize more of these events. We need young blood afterall. 

3rd prize winner - Tan Joon Kiat 

2nd prize winner - Jeong Fok 

1st prize winner - Robin Lam 

Well, I think there is more that I and the organizing can do. We have asked for feedback and acknowledge our shortcomings. So in the following GBs, we will try to improve on those aspects. However, the purpose of a GB is for everyone to come down and have fun, share tips and chit chat. It's one way of getting the community going. That is why I try not to make it so formal like a competition. 

A big thanks to everyone who helped out at the event and most importantly, the participants! Without their active participation, this event will never happen! 

Thank you everyone! 


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